Top 15 Home Remedies for Toothache

Toothache is great discomfort- ask those that have suffered from its telling pains; it is better imagined than experienced. Here are 15 sure home remedies that you can use to win the fight against toothache.


thymeThyme contains some antifungal, antiseptic and medicinal properties that make it a good curative cure for toothache. There are options on how you can use it. You can take it as tea. Allow it in your mouth for about 30 seconds before you swallow. You can also eat the leaves of thyme; you sure will get desired results. You can dilute a few drops of thyme oil in carrier oil and then gargle it in your mouth with it.


turmericThis is a wonder working herb; very efficient in its ability to stop pains. It has been used as a natural means of treatment for a long time because it possesses strong properties that can stop pains in its tract. Make a paste of a teaspoon of turmeric and water and use cotton wool to apply it to the affected part of your gum. You can use honey in place of water. Leave for some minutes before rinsing your mouth.


This is one the very reliable antidotes to ease toothache. Start by dropping some drops of oregano essential oil under your tongue; hold it for several minutes before you spit it out of your mouth. Next drop some colloidal silver into your mouth and goggle your mouth with it; repeat for about three to four times-in-between, goggle with warm water mixed with sea salt. Finally, rub some oregano oil into your gum.


It has the ability to give temporary relief from toothache. This is one of the common solutions; gargle 3% of hydrogen peroxide in your mouth for about half a minute and then rinse your mouth properly. Do not swallow. Repeat once or twice a day before getting through to your dentist.


wheatgrassIt contains natural antibacterial properties that perform a dual purpose of both curative and preventive measures against toothache. For instant and quick results, chew the wheatgrass in the affected part of the gum or alternatively, you can use the juice as a mouthwash.


CucumberIt is an excellent palliative for relieving pains in under-eye dark circles. When you use it, it helps lessen the flow of blood to the affected tooth thereby relieving the pains. At room temperature, slice a fresh piece of cucumber and place it over the affected area of your gum. You can mash it in salt water and place it over the affected part of your gum.


guava leavesIt is one of the recommended ingredients in toothpastes because of its high level of flavonoids. Chew a leaf or two and allow the juice to work on the affected tooth. Alternatively boil about 5 leaves of guava leaves in sea salt water, allow it to come back to room temperature and then use as a mouthwash.

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