Top 10 Home Remedy for High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

High blood pressure can lead to fatalities. There are simple do it yourself means of controlling it. The top ten remedies are presented below. Enjoy.

1. Coconut Water

coconut water for hypertensionOur no 1 pick comes from the strength of the study published in 2005 in the West Indian Medical Journal. Findings made it clear that coconut water contains potassium, magnesium and vitamin C whose combinations are great in reducing high blood pressure. Patients of high blood pressure must keep their body hydrated; and this is where coconut water comes in; it will keep the body hydrated.

  • 10 glasses of water is recommended daily. If you drink a cup of coconut water on a daily basis; you are on your way to overcoming issues of high blood pressure.

2. Celery

celery as high blood pressure remedyCelery has the ingredients that will help relax the muscles around the arteries walls thereby creating more space and allowing the flow of blood without difficulty. It has the ability to reduce the stress hormones that contributes to high blood pressure. These factors put together makes celery a great remedy for high blood pressure.

  • A stalk of celery with a glass of water on a daily basis will be enough. For greater results, you can munch on a stalk of celery throughout the day.

3. Banana

bananas for high blood pressureOne thing that promotes high blood pressure in the body is sodium. One thing that will lessen the effect of sodium in the body is potassium. It has been discovered that banana is rich in potassium. Banana is a fruit that is great in reducing the effects of high blood pressure. You will sure get desired results if you take to this remedy.

  • Simply eat 1-2 bananas on a daily basis when issues of high blood pressure come up and you will definitely get over it

4. Garlic

garlicGarlic is one remedy which you can depend upon to reverse all the negative issues that come with high blood pressure. Several studies have backed the curative powers of garlic over high blood pressure. It can be taken cooked or raw. It has the ability to relax blood vessels by its ability to stimulate the production of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide.

  • All that you are required to do to get full benefits is to eat 1-2 garlic cloves on a daily basis. You will have excellent results if you crush the garlic before you eat it. If you detest the taste of garlic; then you can take it with milk.

5. Watermelon Seed

A 2010 Florida State pilot study confirmed the ability of watermelon to bring down blood pressure. In the study, it was established that water melon has vasodilatory effect which is key to lowering blood pressure. Cucurbocitrin helps to widen blood capillaries; it is found in watermelon. Our recommendation of this remedy is based on scientifically proven facts.

  • Add to a cup of boiled water two tablespoons of dried watermelon seeds that has been crushed to a fine powder. Steep it for an hour and then strain it. Now, take 4 tablespoon of this at regular intervals throughout the day.

6. Lemons

lemonsHealthPrash can affirm without any fear of contradictions that this remedy is a sure bet to reduce high blood pressure. Lemons have the ability to reduce the rigidity in the flow of blood by keeping the blood vessels soft and pliable thereby reducing issues bothering on high blood pressure.

  • Get the juice from half a lemon into a cup of warm water. Stir and drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. There is caution here however; do not add either salt or sugar.

7. Onion Juice

Onions are common in the home and it is commonly used as a flavoring agent. We can say with confidence that it can be used as a control measure over high blood pressure. It has been revealed that onion juice contains antioxidant flavonol which is called quercetin. You will get the full benefits if you try this remedy.

  • Try to eat a medium sized onion raw once in a day. Alternatively, you can mix one-half each of onion juice and honey and take it twice a day for a week or two. You see great results. We assure you of this 100%.

8. Cayenne Pepper

Our take on remedies that will sure reduce high blood pressure will be incomplete without the inclusion of cayenne pepper. Are you suffering from mild hypertension? Your best bet is this remedy in question. It will stop platelets from clumping together and accumulating in the blood thereby aiding the easy flow of blood.

  • Cayenne pepper is quite spicy, you therefore need to use only a little of it. Add it to your fruit or vegetable salad. You can add a pinch to your bowl of soup as an alternative. In any of the alternatives, you will get desired results.

9. Fenugreek Seeds

fenugreek seedsThis is yet another effective means of lowering the blood pressure in your body. Our take on it is due to the fact that it is rich in potassium and dietary fiber. If it is high blood pressure; it will definitely bow if this remedy is applied.

  • Boil 1-2 fenugreek seeds for about two minutes. Next, strain it and proceed by putting the seeds in a blender so as to obtain a paste. The paste is the remedy needed; eat it on an empty stomach in the morning and at night before going to bed. Continue for 2-3 months for desired results.

10. Honey

honey for high blood pressure cureOur last pick of all is honey. It is equally great in its ability to reverse issues bothering on high blood pressure. Honey is the only food that does not spoil; its effectiveness in bringing down the blood pressure cannot be disputed. It reduces pressure on the heart and it has a calming effect on the blood vessel.

  • Take 2 teaspoons of honey on an empty stomach on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can mix equal amounts of basil juice and honey and take it on an empty stomach.

High blood pressure should no longer constitute an issue to anyone that takes the pains to go through our top tips above; they are the best remedies for now.

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