Top 10 Home Remedies to treat Boils

You do not deserve to suffer that discomfort that comes with boils for longer than necessary. The best of 10 remedies are presented below. Enjoy.

List of Natural Remedies for Boils

1. Warm Compress

The number one home remedy on our list to address issues relating to boils is one of the easiest. We are confident in its ability to get you relief from the pains associated with boils. This is one remedy that is simple and effective provided the simple directives are followed to the letter.


Get a clean washcloth and dip it in the warm salt water. Ensure that the compress is wet and at the same time warm; then place it on the boil. Leave it for 10 minutes. You will experience some measure of relief.

2. Turmeric

turmericHealthPrash has an unwavering confidence in turmeric that it will not disappoint if you choose to place your reliance on its power to cure you of that irritating boil. Our confidence is based on the knowledge of the fact that turmeric is a great blood purifier coupled with its anti-inflammatory properties that you can rely on to treat boil.


Simply boil a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a glass of either water or milk. You have your sure remedy; at a convenient temperature, drink your tea 3 times in a day repeatedly for at least 5 days.

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3. Tea Tree Oil

Our take on this remedy is based on the fact that it has the combination of: antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties. If you use this remedy on a regular basis, you are sure of getting faster healing of the boil and speedy relief from the discomforts associated with boils.


It is easy as usual; simply dip a clean cotton swab in the oil and gently dab it on the boil to experience the soothing and healing benefits that are derivable from tea tree oil. Repeat a few times in a day until the boil is gone.

4. Bread Poultice

This remedy may sound rather odd; simple and laughable. But then, bear this in mind; we are committed to giving you expert advice and nothing short of the very best of it. Belief us, this home remedy is real; it works-guaranteed. This process will help bring the boil to the head and reduce inflammation.


Take a piece of bread and soak it in warm water or milk according to your choice. Place it on the boil for a few minutes. Repeat the process twice daily until the boil is healed completely.

5. Black Seed

If there is a price for a home remedy that has multipurpose cures for diverse ailments afflicting the body, then black seed will be in contention for the ultimate. It has medicinal properties that will give you relief from the pains that come with boils. This is one super remedy that is incredibly superb.


Get some good quantity of black seed and grind them into a fine paste. Apply this paste on the boil and leave it for about an hour. You can then rinse it off with warm water. You will be relieved. Repeat this process until the pains are gone.

6. Neem

neemThe consideration of the antiseptic, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties of neem, also known as Indian Lilac is the major reason why we gave it considerations. It will effectively treat boils and any other skin infections.


Boil neem leaves in water until the quantity of water gets to 1/3 of the initial content. When the water has cooled down to a temperature you can bear, use it to rinse the affected areas on your skin. Alternatively, grind some neem leaves to a paste and apply it on the boil preferably before bed time. Rinse off in morning in lukewarm water.

7. Garlic

garlic as boils remedyTrust us on this remedy as well; whenever you have troubles with boil and you have garlic handy, simply go with it to get expected relief. We can confirm to you on a word of authority that garlic has the dependable ingredients to take care of boils-thanks to the properties that it contains.


Simply eat 2-3 garlic cloves in a day to experience desired results. Perhaps you detest the taste of garlic in the mouth just like some other people; do not worry, you can take to the alternative. Make a paste of the fresh cloves and apply same on the skin.

8. Onions

onionsOrdinarily, people see onions as a spice. But beyond that layman’s understanding lay a superb remedy for the treatment of boils. It has antiseptic chemicals that are great in its actions to heal and relief pains associated with boils.


Take a thick slice of onion and place it over the boil. Wrap the onions gently on the boil with a piece of cloth and leave it for a few hours. Blood and heat will be drawn to the boil which eventually comes to the head and drains out. You can repeat this process 3-4 times in a day.

9. Cornmeal

Is there anything more to a corn than giving the body some amount of starch needed for the body’s metabolic activities? HealthPrash can tell you from the standpoint of the experts that you stand to benefit from the absorbent property in corn to get desired relief from issues that border on boils.


Boil half a cup of water. Get a measure of cornmeal into the water enough to make a thick paste. Now apply this paste to the boil and cover it with a clean cloth. Leave for about an hour. Repeat the process a few times in a day. The boil will become soft and the infection will drain.

10. Milk

milkMaybe you don’t know this; milk has been used as a natural remedy for the treatment of boils for some ages past. This is one remedy that will help speed up the healing process and give speedy relief from the associated pains.


Heat a cup of milk and then add 3 teaspoons of salt. Mix them together thoroughly. Add crumbled bread pieces to form a paste. You can now apply this on the boil to experience great results. Repeat as many times as possible in a day.


Our list of top remedies for boils is comprehensive and worth a try, though we strongly recommend that you consult with your skin specialist before trying out any of the above remedies to avoid any unexpected allergic reactions or any kind of irritation to the skin.

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