Things That Every Newly Single Dad Should Follow

It has been observed of late that Single Dads are fast becoming a feature of our day to day interactions. Being a single dad is no curse. Likewise, as a single dad, you can be as successful as all other categories of parents if their performances is placed side by side yours-a single dad.

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Are you faced with the challenges of a single dad? Or, you are just about entering into the club of single dads? The goal of the tips that you are going to learn through this article is to make you a successful single dad. It makes the process rather simple and easy if you key perfectly into the ideas that you are privileged to learn on the pages of this article. Consider all these:


Every human being loves to make decisions. Your child is not an exception to the rule here. Give the liberty to make the decision that affects their life at this stage in life. All you have to do is to set the parameters of choices before them; then watch as they make useful decisions within the radius you have earlier set for them.


This is a very powerful tool that will help the single dad to connect seamlessly with their child. This should form the basis of your dealings with your children. When they make you angry, bottle your emotions and let love be the overriding factor; it not a time to yell at your child.


You situation is different from that of a couple. You are alone here; there is no one to share the burden of leadership with. You must be up and doing to cover all the areas without leaving any stone unturned. All the responsibility rest on you; there should be no room for any lapses whatsoever.


Do not be weighed down by the initial workload. It is like that with the early stages of your child’s development. You are doing practically everything for them. But as the years roll by, the burden gets easier, by then your child will be evolving in life and they can do some of the duties you do in their earlier years independently on their own.


You must spend ample time with your kids. Not only that, the time spent with your kids must be the most cherished of your time. Try to spend quality time with them; make it as interesting as possible; before you know it, your daughter is about leaving you to make her own family!


This is very important because child psychologists from their findings say that children develop through play. Create room to watch TV and play games; they are instrumental to their development. Aside that let them engage in some outdoor activities as well. In creating time for this however, you should devise a means to moderate their play time-you are the umpire here.


Many are guilty of this. Remember, the mom is not there to fill any gap; you must therefore structure your work schedule to create ample time for your wards at home. Adequate material provisions are not enough to make your child the best you want them to be in life. Create enough time to be with them out of your tight schedule.


Get it right, your children will get excited hearing you read the lines to them. It is a way of creating a strong chemistry between you and the children. Read with them from the infant two years old up to the adult 15 years old. Your child will love every word you read together; you will in like way cherish those moments.


There should be an atmosphere of humor around the home. The fact that the mom is not around is enough tension. Spice the home with a sense of humor. There will be instances when the kids and even the adults will go beyond the limits; look at the humor in such situations and use it to douse the atmosphere.


Situations will definitely arise when you lose your cool. In that instant, there is an atmosphere of madness; your best bet is to take a walk. Do not react in anger; rather, exercise some form of patience. Your anger will pass away, it only lasts some brief moments; your children will as well draw valuable lessons from that.


It is not enough to set rules for your children thinking they will follow the rules dogmatically. They are watching you for the right clues. If you send the wrong signals, then l can bet it with you that your children will turn into a rebel against all principles that you have laid down for them. You must be their first role model.


Children have the tendency to go beyond their limits. In such cases, you have to be firm in your application of the rules. If you fail with this regard, then you are going to breed children with behavioral problems in life; that l belief is not your wish for your child.


It was earlier advocated that you give them time to play; watch TV and play video games; but then, there should be a limit. Set the time table for media time for each day; it may be an hour each day or more-that is left to your discretion.


They will one day leave you to take up their destined role in the society. From their formative years therefore, begin to teach them the wisdom in taking decisions on their own. Teach them to do things for themselves; gradually, allow them greater independence as they advance in age. It builds self confidence in them and gives you less issue to worry about on their successes in later life.

Wish You A Blissful Experience As A Single Dad!

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