Secret Tips For Growing Long Natural Hair, Revealed!

Any attempt to grow your hair is not all that easy. Many people desire the long thick; black; glossy type of hair as a good compliment to their physical appearance. To many people, it has become a tall order of some sorts. Even for those that attain their desire, it takes them years of patience and endurance to get to their desired length of hair.

There are no instantaneous solutions here, the truth must be told from the onset. That does not foreclose a long lasting solution. Below are some of the 15 sure methods that you can use to get back the grove of that long hair that you so much desired.


There is no paradox here, the truth is, if you want long hair, then you have to trim your hair regularly to get rid of split ends that will cause breakage which leads to shorter hair. In addition, these split ends travels along the long hair to cause frizzy, weak and flyaway strands of hair. Experts recommend you trim your hair every 10-12 weeks.


This is a common fad among those that wants to take the best care over their hair. But then, experts have observed that this practice can be counterproductive. Why not advancing an outright ban on the use of shampoo, the candid advice is that you should go easy with shampooing your hair. It may lead to hair loss in the long run.


The vast majority of shampoos are laced with a heavy dose of chemical. These categories are in the main very injurious to the cause of your desire for long hair. The wisdom here is to avoid such brands. There are shampoos readily available that does not contain chemicals. Those are the ones that will suite your desire for a long hair.


It may seem that you are inflicting a torture on your hair but the end justifies the means if actually you want a long hair. Before you step out of your bath, allow cold water on your hair. It will strengthen your hair to prevent breakage and will give the hair a smooth appearance.


It has so many applications. Just as it is good for your skin, it is equally good treatment for your hair to attain that long natural hair of your dreams. If you do this recommended rinse, you will succeed in removing product build up and will be left with soft smooth and strong hair.


This is bad news for does that are given to adding artificial color to their hair. They contain more damaging chemicals than the ones in shampoo earlier discussed. Even those that were advertised as chemical free on closer scrutiny are found to contain injurious chemicals to hair growth. It is strongly advised that you avoid coloring your hair


How often are you expected to apply oil to your hair? Is application of oil necessary to attain long hair? We answer the latter before the former by saying application of oil is highly important. You are advised to do it once in a week.


If experts’ advice is anything to go by, then the use of essential oils is of great importance for the natural flow of your hair. Essential oils can solve diverse manner of hair growth problems. All that you are to ensure is the choice of the right oil.


It has been scientifically proved that regular hair mask has the ability to sole diverse kind of issues relating to loss of hair. It is advised that you engage in this practice regularly for a healthy hair growth.


This method is not for the faint hearted. You can massage potato juice into your scalp and leave for about 15 minutes for desired maximum effects before you finally rinse off. You can as well apply onions and leave for about 15 minutes before rinsing.


Your food is your medicine. Your diet will dictate your state of health. Some of the issues associated with hair loss are caused by the intake of food. The solution is to go all out for a balanced diet. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and ensure that you load up on Omega 3 fatty acids.


Be gentle on your hair while you are brushing it. Begin with gentle strokes from the edges of your hair before proceeding to the middle part where you will be applying the long strokes. This is essential so as avoid breakage. Invest in bamboo brush and comb.


This can be combined with essential oils earlier on discussed to achieve great results on your hair. Massage does a lot of things ranging from stimulating hair follicles, improves mental clarity; reduces stress and increases blood circulation in the head.


It deserves a pride of place in all homes because of its health benefits. For a nourishing hair, mix fresh aloe Vera gel with lemon juice and work it into your hair and scalp; wash it off after 20 minutes. It has great nourishing effects on your hair.


It was advised earlier that patience is the key to achieving results. Results will not be obtained overnight. When you stick to particular treatment, then you have to exercise patience and remain calm until results show. Results will definitely show, it may be slow but they are sure to manifest. Your hair grows at an average of an inch per month.

The above methods will definitely produce results if it is meticulously followed. Your desire for a hair that is lush, dark and long is attainable. That worrisome loss of hair can be effectively put in check. The methods are easy and they are all do it yourself methods. It has worked for others; it will definitely work for you.

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