Pregnancy Diet Tips To Stay Healthy Until Delivery

Your body becomes what you eat. Every human being is expected to eat healthy so as to be in top shape. For the pregnant woman, it becomes more important for her to eat healthy because her food intake will affect the development of the child in her womb.

What you eat during the nine months of your pregnancy will go a long way in how it affects your health and that of your baby for years or in some extreme cases, for life! Do you see reasons why you should have a good pregnancy diet plan? The aim of this article is to give you tips on carefully selected pregnancy diet plans that will enable you live that healthy life that you have always dreamt of, even after having a baby.

pregnancy diet tips infographicFOLIC ACID

There is a recommended dose that you need on a daily basis. Before you ever conceive, a daily dose of 400 micrograms is recommended. Ever heard of neural-tube defects? No pregnant woman will wish that for her enemy; therefore, the intake of this vitamin B is a must during pregnancy because it reduces this disease by 60%-70%. You need a daily dose of 600 micrograms when your pregnancy is confirmed. It is therefore strongly advised that you get adequate folic acid.


This is a total no go area for every pregnant woman. It is a drink that must be kept away from all pregnant women that are after the total wellbeing of the child in their womb. Maybe you are not convinced; but consider this from the experts: Attention deficit disorder; learning disabilities; behavior problems…. etc are some of the issues associated with children born by women who take alcohol during pregnancy. You do not want that for your new born infant in latter life; do you?


It comes in two different variants: It can be gotten from the intake of sea foods or flax seed. The supplement is also okay and safe for you. In which ever form, adequate intake of DHA is a must for every pregnant mother. It contains Omega-3 fatty acids that boost your baby’s brain development before birth. It will lead to the better vision; motor skills; memory and language comprehension by your baby- virtually every mother will desire that for her baby. Get at least 12 ounces of this in a week.


Most pregnant women fall victim here. The mindset of many pregnant ladies is that they will have to eat extra to sustain the fetus in their womb. How far they are from the truth! Your child in the womb does not require that extra you are targeting. The irony of this is that the women with this mind set develop weight problems- they gain too much weight!

This will definitely lead to a high risk of preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and delivery of either a preterm or a too-large baby. Those are issues that you will want to avoid; therefore eat normal-just for yourself alone.


A pregnant woman should as a matter of necessity avoid issues bothering on constipation and hemorrhoids. Foods rich in fiber will help you in this direction. Your focus should be on diets high in vegetables, fruits and whole grains which will help in this direction. They will help prevent overeating because you will be full before you cross the boundary.

In addition, they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals needed for your baby’s development. Target 25-35 milligrams of this on a daily basis.


I will not bother you with definitions her. An average person knows the importance of calcium to the development of strong bones. As a pregnant woman, you need it to support you in that journey of nine months. Furthermore, the fetus in you cannot afford a deficiency of it because it will affect the growth of the baby in latter life.

You need 1000 milligram of this in a day. Failure to get this requirement will make your baby leach on you to get it direct from you- it leads to some issues in during pregnancy.


It is a must in every pregnant woman. The iron transport oxygen which the baby in the womb needs for survival. The iron needs of a pregnant woman doubles during this period. There is a 50% increase in blood volume, which requires an iron need of about 30 milligrams per day. You are therefore advised to boost the intake of iron in the body.

This can cheaply be achieved by combining iron rich foods with vitamin C. A good example here is to load your chicken burrito with salsa.


Just as it is the case with alcohol earlier on discussed, you should ensure that you place a blanket ban on bacteria. In severe cases, they lead to miscarriage and in some less severe cases, preterm delivery. I am sure you don’t fancy either of the two scenarios.

So what to do? Make sure you avoid soft cheeses made with unpasteurized milk; distance self from raw or undercooked meat, poultry, seafood or eggs. Let your fridge be below 40° F. If you get that done; you would have gone a long way towards preventing an unpleasant circumstance.


A study credited to Kaiser Permanente says: consuming 200 milligrams of caffeine per day increased the risk of miscarriage. But the standard recommendation is about two cups of caffeine in a day which amounts to 300 milligrams per day. Can you see the twist?

The candid advice here is to limit your consumption of caffeine below the two bench marks mentioned above to prevent unpleasant consequences during pregnancy.


They come in various shapes and sizes, beautifully packaged to appeal to the buyers. These categories of chemically processed foods are not for you-at least during your period of pregnancy. They fall in the same category as alcohol and caffeine.

Animal research suggests that if you stock your Tommy with such during pregnancy, your child at a later stage in life will clamor indiscriminately for such foods in latter life. You don’t need such an embarrassment.

You can remain healthy during pregnancy if the above tips are painstakingly considered in your eating habit.

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