Post Pregnancy Changes You Never Knew About

During the course of carrying the baby in the womb, a lot of changes occur in the anatomy of the pregnant woman. You definitely are not physically aware of these changes in your body that went on systematically throughout the months that the baby was in your womb.

After giving birth, these changes begin to manifest in your physical body structure. What are these changes? The objective of this article is to give an insight into the changes that takes place in a woman after she has given birth to her bundle of joy.


When you are carrying the baby in your womb, your hair according to medical experts seems heavier and fuller. You are enveloped with this atmosphere of bushy hair throughout this period. Immediately after birth, there is a shift in the structure of your hair. It will start to thin out gradually; it may even begin to fall off.

This process of hair loss continues for about three to four months after delivery of the baby. At the end of this period, there will be a reversal of the hair loss – your hair begins to grow to the size it was before your pregnancy.


This is normal after your delivery. It should not ring any alarm in you. It will only occur for some period after which things will normalize. Though truth must be said here, it does not occur in all women; that should be strong enough to convince you that there are no issues with you if you come across people you know who did not experience incontinence.

As a control measure, make use of sanitary pads or in the alternative, visit the bathroom more regularly during this period. Another alternative is to engage in kegel exercises – it is a measure that will strengthen your pelvic muscles.


It is medically referred to as edema; this is common in every pregnant woman after delivery of the baby. It is caused by the extra fluid in the body which is required for safe labor. Further, it has been revealed by medical experts that the uterus squeezes blood into the body of the pregnant woman after every delivery.

During the course of labor, you may have had IV fluids. All these fluids get dumped into your legs and hands. Hence the swellings noticed in that region of the body. It will take an average of 7-10 days for this swelling to disappear. You will then regain back the structure of your hands and feet. Your shoe size may be larger than normal even with the disappearance of the swelling. It is caused by some hormones such as relaxin which relaxes ligaments in the body. This increase remains permanent for life in some women.


There is a change in the size of the breast after delivery. For some women, the breast is ballooned. The breast becomes bigger than the usual size; this increase also comes with a degree of stiffness; the breast at this point in time is as hard as a rock.

This condition begins to disappear once you start breast feeding the baby. If you are the type who is not breast feeding, then you should be prepared to cope with this condition until your mammary gland stops the secretion of milk.


It was not easy during the course of the nine months of pregnancy. The labor also comes with its own measure of pains in all pregnant women. The pains are not completely over after giving birth; the mother will also experience after birth pains.

They come in the form of cramps that every woman after birth experiences when the enlarged uterus attempts to come back to its pre-pregnancy size. The uterus is round and hard; it must of necessity come back to its normal size. It takes about six weeks to achieve this; as a palliative, you can use over the counter pain relievers.


These are very painful veins that are swollen around the anus. It is very common in pregnant women during their pregnancy period; it may get worse after delivery if not properly managed. For any pregnant woman that has fallen victim, these are palliative measures that can be taken to alleviate the pains:

  • Stay hydrated.
  • Foods loaded with fiber will be of help. Go for such foods.
  • An over the counter sprays or cream will be of help in relieving the pains; your health care provider must give expert advice.
  • Soak the affected part of the body in warm water.


It is medically referred to as lochia. It is the discharge that comes out through the vagina; it comes by way of a fluid. It may be heavy; may contain some blood clots in the beginning and is usually bright red in color. As the days go by, the rate of discharge gets lighter and the rate of flow is reduced.

This situation may continue for up-to a period of one month. During the duration of this discharge, you can make use of the sanitary pads to absorb the discharge until it ceases naturally.


There is a wrong conception by most women in regards to the size of their Tommy after giving birth. They believe wrongly that immediately the baby that causes their belly to bulge is delivered; they will regain the shape of their Tommy back. They are dead wrong!

It takes four to six weeks for your belly to get close to its normal pre-pregnancy size. It will take a period of 9 to one year for belly to get to its normal pre-pregnancy size. If your abdominal muscles are loose, then the bulge may remain. You have to engage in exercise to tone these abdominal muscles.


The changes discussed above are real. It will however disappear with time; patience is the word of advice here. The tips and tricks for every condition should also be adhered to strictly.

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  • August 10, 2017 at 12:55 pm

    There is a wrong conception by most women in regards to the size of their Tommy after giving birth. They believe wrongly that immediately the baby that causes their belly to bulge is delivered; they will regain the shape of their Tommy back. They are dead wrong!


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