Natural Home Remedies To Treat Ear Infection

Whenever ear infection comes knocking; never worry; HealthPrash has the antidotes. Anyone can easily apply them; they are simple do it yourself methods. The top 15 are presented below for your delight. Enjoy.

1. Breast Milk

This is our number one pick for suitable home remedies for ear infection. It is a curative way to get rid of any form of ear infections. It has the ability to reduce swelling of the ear.

You will need a dropper to drop the breast milk into the infected ear. Repeat this at intervals of some few hours as the need may arise.

2. Mango Leaf Juice

HealthPrash can confidently announce that this is another sure method to receive desired relief from issues that has to do with discomforts in the ear. It possesses natural properties designed to give relief to troubled ears.

Crush 2-3 soft mangoes leaves to obtain the juice. With a dropper, drop the juice into the affected ear. Within minutes, you will notice some measure of relief.

3. Onion

onions for ear infectionOnion is primarily used as a spice at our homes. But we can assure you that with it in your possession; you have a potent cure for pains in the ear.

Chop one small onion and gather it in a bowl; put the bowl in the microwave oven to heat for 1-2 minutes. Allow it to cool and strain out the juice. Put 2-3 drops in the infected ear and allow it for 3 minutes; then drain it out.

4. Tea Tree Oil

Another trusted home remedy for ear infection is tea tree oil. It contains antibacterial properties which has capacity to give instant relief from ear pain.

You will require the mixture of the following: One teaspoon each of colloidal oil and apple cider vinegar; 2 teaspoon of olive oil and 3 drops of tea tree oil. Warm this mixture slightly. With the aid of a dropper and lying on your side with a towel underneath; fill your ear with the mixture. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes before draining it out. Repeat this 2-3 times in a day for two days.

5. Warm Water Bottle

This is also a very simple home remedy that you can rely upon; it will produce desired results; trust us; this method has a worthy place in on the list of 15 top remedies.

Get a warm water bottle; or in the alternative, get a heating pad. Press any of the two against the infected ear. However, do not apply heat to your ear for long periods. Do not exceed the 5 minutes mark for a start.

6. Olive Oil

olive oilIssues leading to ear infections are as a result of some form of blockade in the ears. If there is a substance that can take care such blockade; it will be a welcome relief; olive oil will do just that for you.

Warm a small amount of olive oil slightly and drop into the infected ear. It will clear the blockade in the ear giving you desired relief.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar as ear infection treatmentIt also has great properties to reverse worrisome issues in the ear.

Mix equal parts apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of water. With cotton ball dipped in the mixture into your ear for five minutes. Drain it off afterwards.

8. Basil Leaves

basil for ear infection cureIt can be used to treat minor ear aches and infection.

Crush 5 fresh holy basil leaves and extract the juice. Place it around the outer covering of the ear; do not allow it to get into your ears.

9. Garlic

garlic as ear infection remedyGarlic has a worthy place in the list of top 15 sure remedies for the reversal of ear pain.

Consume 2-3 cloves of garlic everyday will sure be a good antidote to the healing process.

10. Salt

saltThis is perhaps the commonest remedy of all due to the ready availability of salt at home.

Heat up a cup of salt in low heat or in a microwave. Pour the hot salt into a cloth and seal the open end-preferably with a rubber band. When the heat is bearable, apply it on the infected side of your ear. Results will manifest.

11. Hydrogen Peroxide

This is yet another equally great means to get desired relief from ear infection. You will not be disappointed with this method.

You will need 3% hydrogen peroxide in a mixture of a cup of water. Soak a cotton ball in the mixture and drop the mixture into the affected ear. With head tilted for about 10 minutes, you will feel a tingling sensation in your ears. Release the mixture out and you will sure feel better.

12. Peppermint Oil Leaves

It has very strong properties that will ensure you get desired reprieve. You can quote us on that anywhere.

Get the oil in a clean dropper and get two or three drops inside the infected ears.

13. Mullein Flower Oil

It is also a reliable means of treating issues that bothers on ear infections.

Get some quantity of mullein flower oil in a bowl and dip into it cotton ball. Apply it into the ear and let it react for about 5-10 minutes. You will get results.

14. Radish

No doubt about this, it tastes great in your salad. HealthPrash can affirm that it is more than the taste in your mouth; it is a sure cure for ear infections.

You will need a tablespoon of small radish pieces heated in 2 tablespoon of mustard seed oil for about 10 minutes under low heat. Filter and apply the drops of oil obtained to treat your ear infection.

15. Banana Tree

How does this come in here? Yes, the bark of the banana tree has a juice that you can easily get from the succulent stem.

This juice is very effective in treating issues bordering on era pains. You will get a soothing relief when the juice gets into your ears.

Take a look at all the methods advised here and you will get results from any of them that catch your fancy.

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