Natural Home Remedies To Tackle Asthma

Asthmatic attack is real. You can however put it under firm control with any of our top 15 remedies. Enjoy.

1. Bitter Gourd

bitter gourd for asthmaOur no 1 pick for effective remedy from the pangs of the attack of asthma is bitter gourd. It is one the cheap but highly effective means to get rid of issues bothering on asthmatic attacks.

You will be required to obtain the juice of bitter gourd; the paste of basil and honey all three mixed together. Consume the mixture for desired cure from asthmatic attacks.

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2. Eucalyptus Oil

It has raw decongestant properties which makes it a sure bet for the treatment of issues relating to asthmatic attacks. In as much as the oil is pure; you are guaranteed effective reliefs.

Get few drops of eucalyptus oil on the paper and keep it by your head while asleep in such a way that you can smell the fragrance while you are asleep. Results will be obtained.

3. Warm Milk

warm milkThe search for the cure of asthma led us to the properties in warm milk which we belief can give you the expected relief from issues relating to the attack. You can be rest assured; this method works.

Get equal quantities of olive oil and honey in a glass of warm milk. Mix the mixture properly and take it on an empty stomach to get desired reliefs. You are guaranteed effective results.

4. Coffee

coffee for asthma cureCoffee has caffeine which acts as a great bronchodilator highly effective in the cure of asthmatic attacks.

Hot coffee has the proven ability to clear the clear and relax the airways thereby providing the enabling environment by which you can breadth very easily.

5. Licorice Root

licorice root for asthma treatmentThis is also one of the greats in the treatment of asthma. On merit, it is listed in the order of the top 15 remedies. You will get excellent results if you take to the use of licorice root because of the properties it contains.

Get the tea spiced with lime juice and crushed ginger. Drink and you are guaranteed excellent results.

6. Garlic

garlicGood old garlic is one of the reliable means of getting desired reliefs from issues bothering on asthma. This is recommended if the asthma is in the early stages. It helps clear off the congestion in the lungs.

You simply boil 2-3 cloves of garlic in a ¼ cup of milk. Allow it to cool and then drink. You will get desired results.

7. Parsley Leaves

This is yet another effective herbal remedy for the treatment of issues that bothers on asthma attack. HealthPrash can assure you that it has the properties to effectively check the cough and also relief the victim’s throat as well as blockade of the chest.

Simply make a tea from the leaves. Drink and watch out for its reactions in the system.

8. Figs

figsIf we are to consider the nutritional values that figs parades; then it is not out of place to list it among the sure remedies to give relief when issues bothering on asthma rears its ugly head. It will drain the phlegm as well as alleviate breathing difficulties.

Wash 3 dried figs and soak them in a cup of water overnight. On an empty stomach, eat the soaked seeds and wash it down with the water. It has great curative powers.

9. Salmon

It is a credible means whereby you can get total cure from issues relating to asthma. Great thanks to its rich dose of omega 3 fatty acids. It uses this to treat effectively all the issues that bothers on asthmatic attacks.

Simply include salmon in your daily ration of protein intake and you will do yourself a lot of good in the long run.

10. Honey

honey for asthma remedyIt is a highly reliable means of taking care of asthma. How do we describe this no 10 pick on the log? HealthPrash can classify it without any fear of contradictions that it is one of the greatest ever treatments for getting reliefs from the attack of asthma.

Take 1 teaspoon of honey combined in hot water 2-3 times in a day.

11. Mustard Oil

You will not be disappointed in the ability of mustard oil to set you free from the discomfort of asthma. It has the ability to help clear the respiratory passages as well as in restoring normal breathing.

Heat some quantity of mustard oil with a little camphor until it dissolves. When it is cool; use it to massage your chest and upper back.

12. Onions

onionsIt is largely known as a spice. But added to that, it is also a great supply of anti inflammatory properties capable of effectively cleaning the airwaves of asthmatic victims thereby giving them the freedom to breadth normally.

Eat 3-4 pieces of small onions of small onions to clear the airways thereby permitting you to breadth very easily.

13. Ginger

ginger as asthma natural remedyGinger is also one natural remedy that you can rely upon to get that sure reprieve from issues that concerns asthma. Researchers have confirmed its effectiveness in the treatment of issues that are related to the attack of asthma.

Get equal quantities of the trio of ginger juice; pomegranate juice and honey. Mix them properly and consume one tablespoon 2-3 times in a day.

14. Carom Seeds

In the event that the asthma is in a mild state; then you can be sure to get desired relief if this home remedy is adopted.

The process is rather simple. Boil one tablespoon of carom seeds in some water and simply make an attempt to inhale the steam. You will get expected desired results.

15. Lemon

lemonsThe last but not the least remedy on the log is lemon. It was discovered that victims of asthmatic attacks have a shortfall of vitamin C in their system; which is desired to reduce the attack. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and necessary anti-oxidants that will sure reduce the attack.

Squeeze ½ a lemon in a cup and add sugar to your taste. Drink it regularly to get effective results.

You can get asthma under firm control. Any of the 15 above will guarantee that.

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