How To Raise A Girl Child For Single Mothers

It is common nowadays; the rate of divorce is increasing with every passing day-no thanks to the harsh realities of the times that we are in. There are many single Mothers out there that has single handedly raised their daughters from cradle up-unto adulthood.

Are you a single Mother with a daughter to raise single handedly? How are you coping with the realities of not having the benefits of the father around? It can be real fun if you follow the expert tips that is about to share through this medium.

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You were once a girl; but that does not guarantee the needed success that you can be proud of. Here are tips and advices that will make you to be that great mum that you have also dreamt of; it will take you beyond your wildest imaginations. Enjoy.


She is watching your very mood. You are her first role model on earth. Therefore, you should be very mindful of your emotions before her. For instance, if issues that will make you aggressive happen when your daughter is around; then it is best advised that you bottle such an aggression so as not to send her the wrong signals.

Get this straightaway, you are responsible for setting the mood for your daughter; if you are happy, then she is happy; if you are sad, your daughter is also sad. This is rather difficult but manageable; your daughter is watching you with eyes wide open; she will take the cue from you!


During your daughters formative years, make your relationships with her as formal as decency will allow. At that age, she is not your confidant; neither is she your best friend. At that weaning age, you have to be in total control; you have to act the man, be firm and decisive and make her realize that you are in charge.

After her formative years and during adulthood, the equation will definitely change, you can then confide in her; but not to a level that will make her see all men as evils. You definitely did not want your daughter to live your kind of life.


One of the best legacies you can give to your daughter is respect for the opposite sex. You must try all you could so that she will not see all men in the light of the way her father treated you. Teach her the truth and the values in the respect for the opposite sex; at least you want them to be happily married later in life.


She is your darling and your pet. In your present situation, money should not be your overriding factor in the choice of work. Rather, your main goal should be getting a job that will give you ample time to be with your daughter.

You are the only one she has in the whole wide world. So create that time for her to get your feelings as much as possible every passing day. If this is put in place, then the chemistry between you and your daughter will be great.


dateShe is watching your every step and moves. You have to be mindful of whom you date. Make every effort to let her realize that she must first and foremost be valued before she enters into any relations with the opposite sex. She must be loved for what she is before entering into any association with the opposite sex.

Your daughter must see that you had all these in place before you enter into any date. She will readily take a cue from you in adulthood when she is ready for her own dates.


As a single mum, the pressure might become too much; in those instances, you have been stretched to the very limits, times like that will always come up-it happens even within a happily married family.

In such cases, you don’t have to lose your cool. It is advised that you count up-to 10; in most cases, you will regain your normal composure before you get to the last count.


Be ready for any eventuality. While leaving home, ensure that you take along some snacks with you in your bag; take along some educative materials that will cater for her quest for learning before you step out of the door.

Make sure that there is ready supply of clean clothes in the car; come along with a juice box as well. You might need all those things in the case of emergencies. You must be prepared as a single parent.


There is dignity in service. Show her the essence of adding value to other people’s lives. Draw from the example of what you have done in the past to affect people positively. Do all you can to make her key into this virtue as she matures into adulthood.

Life is all about what you can do to affect the lives of people positively. Drum this into the subconscious of your daughter and she will grow up to reach the highest level attainable in life.


If you don’t do it, no one will do it for your daughter. You are duty bond to encourage her growth in all ramifications. She needs to grow academically; there is the artistic growth; what about emotional growth? Further, your daughter needs to grow spiritually.

Definitely, you want your girl child to grow into the total girl for a total world. If you want her to get to this enviable level in life, then she needs to be encouraged. If you can get it right here, then you have produced an Amazon that will do her generation a whole lot of good! That is the result you get-no hype intended.


There are examples of single mums who have championed the cause of their daughters. Such daughters have risen to change the cause of history. You can be the next single mother to achieve yet a new milestone.

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