Home Remedies To Treat Sinus Infection

Are you bothered with Sinus? We have 15 of the topmost home remedies presented below. Enjoy.

1. Oregano Oil

Our number one pick on the list is oregano oil. It has the properties to effectively check sinus infection whenever it occurs. This is a reliable natural remedy that you can trust to deliver.

You will need several drops of this oil in your cup of water or tea as the case may be. Drink it to get the desired relief from sinus infection.

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2. Fermented Cod Liver Oil

It is high in Vitamins A and D as well as Omega 3 fatty acids. The fermentation process did not ruin the nutrients; therefore the potential health benefits will last long.

It is great in its ability to reverse sinus infections whenever it occurs.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

apples cider vinegar for sinusIt has an array of huge health benefits that you can easily derive some benefits from. It is one of the smoothest cures for sinus infection.

You will need 2-3 tablespoon of apple cider Vinegar in a glass of warm water or tea. You can now drink the mixture. Repeat for at least three times in a day until you are relieved completely.

4. Turmeric / Ginger Root

turmericHealthPrash cannot ignore the powerful combination of the two above because of their individual properties that combine together to give out great relief from sinus infection. Be rest assured that the sinus pressure will be lessened.

Combine the two and brew it for hot tea. You will definitely get expected relief.

5. Garlic

garlic for sinus infection treatmentGarlic is a natural antibiotic. The advantage that garlic brings to the body system is its capacity to protect the good bacteria in the body and destroy the harmful ones. You have to take them raw or crushed.

Take 4-5 cloves of garlic and soak them in water for about 10 minutes. Bring them out and crush into a paste. Bring the paste closer to your nose and try to breathe in heavily at close range inhaling the odor of the garlic. You will see the results.

6. Fenugreek Seeds

fenugreek seedsPerhaps you are suffering from nasal congestion due to inflammation; then the best option for you is fenugreek seeds. It is the best remedy in such a situation.

Add 2-3 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds to a glass of water and bring it to boiling point. Wait until you observed that the cup is half full. Turn off the heat and strain the tea. You can now sip your tea.

7. Mustard Seed

mustard seedsTiny old mustard seed is another good home remedy that finds a place in our list of top 15. It is reliable; it makes use of the heat it possesses to break up congestion.

Set a glass of water and 1 tablespoon of mustard seed and boil it. Wait until the solution has reduced to half of the original content. Allow it to cool and with the aid of a dropper, get 3-4 drops of the warm mustard water into your nostrils.

8. Mustard Oil

This is yet another great dimension to get desired relief from sinus through the use of mustard oil. Either of the seed and oil can be used to get desired relief from sinus.

Get 2-3 drops of the oil unto your palms and draw up the healing potentials of this oil through your nostrils. Do this for each of the openings in the nose.

9. Cumin Seeds

cumin seed for sinus cureOur list of top 15 will not be complete without the inclusion of Cumin seeds. They can cure sinus infection as well as cure swelling.

Get a tablespoon of cumin seeds and dry roast it. Now, grind the cumin seeds into a fine powder. Get a tablespoon of honey and mix the two to get a paste. Consume this paste once in a day.

10. Cinnamon

cinnamonThis sweet tasting aromatic herb spice has the attributes that will bring relief from sinus infection. Its anti-inflammatory properties is a sure bet to give soothing relief from sinus.

Get the mixture of ¼ tablespoon cinnamon powder and 1 tablespoon of honey. Consume this daily to clear blocked sinuses.

11. Homemade Essential Oil

The combination of some essential oils will give you that relief that you desperation need to breath a fresh air of freedom from sinus. It is a ready reprieve even from sinus headache.

You will need the powerful combinations of the following:

  • Cinnamon essential oil- 1-2 drops
  • Thyme essential oil- 1-2 drops
  • Clove essential oil- 1-2 drops
  • Water- to fill a pan.

Boil the water in the pan and add all the essential oils. Sit and incline your face towards the pan; cover yourself with a towel over the heat. Inhale the steam; you will sure be relieved.

12. Horseradish

The pungent root of horseradish is the reason why we chose this home remedy in our list of top 15.

Simply grate the roots to obtain ¼ tablespoon of raw herb. Hold this in your mouth for as long as you longer feel the taste on your palate. You can then swallow it down the stomach. You obtain expected relief.

13. Onions

onions for sinus infection remedyOnions are also great in the treatment of sinus. It is very rich in sulfur contents which makes it a great remedy to reverse issues that bothers on sinus in the nasal pathway.

Add pieces of raw onion to your raw broth or in the alternative, make a clear onion soup. Get either of the two into a cup and sip.

14. Echinacea

HealthPrash considered the strong antibacterial properties of Echinacea before it was included among the list of our top 15. You can rely on its ability to kill the bacteria.

Get 1 tablespoon of dried echinacea in ½-1 cup of boiling water. Simmer it for 15 minutes; strain and drink.

15. Vitamin C

This is our last but by no means the least potent of the top 15 in line for considerations. It is a preventive means of taking care of sinus infections.

It is available in many forms; as a liquid, in tablets and as chewable. You will get desired immunity in your system.

That is our take at HealthPrash on ways to combat sinus infection.

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