Get Gorgeous With 24 Simple Yet Chic Everyday Hairstyles for Long Hair

Every woman should learn the art of creating stylish hairstyles, Irrespective of her hair length – short, medium, or long hair.

Moreover, of all the seasons, summers can be brutal for your hair, with sun damage and lack of moisture coupled with the discomfort of a head full of hair.

Fortunately, there are numerous casual and stylish hairstyles and updos that are fun and exciting to experiment with. These swanky hairstyles are sure to add chic and personality, whether you are at the beach, going to an event or concert, when outdoors, shopping, and partying or even at work.

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Today, let’s take a look at these Cute and Casual Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long hair always looks beautiful in all types of twists, buns and braids updos and downdos. The modern-day women love to embrace new styles, trends and get-ups, including updos. They love to flaunt their individual personality and fashion statement and grab attention for all the right reasons. With that, present-day casual hairstyles embrace a few distinct fundamentals in one hairstyle. Be it braids with buns, twists with braids, messy casual texture and trendy accents…the list goes on. The casual hairstyles we will be discussing today are never boring and we assure you that you will love each one of them!

1. French Roll Messy Hairstyle

French Roll Messy Hairstyle
Numerous women believe that an updo is intended to be neat and proper, with a general dressy appeal. Nonetheless, your style can have a great look of an updo without radiating the vibe that you’re making a beeline for your school’s semi-formal event. The French Roll Messy Hairstyle happens to be both tasteful and casual with a clue of simplicity and sophistication.

2. Braided Bun Casual Hairstyle

Obviously, when you consider easygoing updos, you picture a basic bun or braid. Unless you’re a hair stylist, it is totally reasonable that you aren’t well-versed in the diverse varieties of classic and vintage hairstyles. Adding a braid to your bun can dress it down, creating a charming ordinary appeal for you. Let a couple of wisps of hair fly free to lend this style a lighthearted vibe.

3. Classic Ponytail Hairstyle with a Twist

Classic Ponytail Hairstyle with a Twist
Tired of the normal pigtail? We won’t charge you guilty. To begin with, adding some shades of hues to your hair is a fun approach to put a remarkable twist on an ordinary hairstyle. For long hair that just appears boring each time you pull it up, putting a single braid down the side adds such a great amount of spark to your whole look. It transforms a cliché style into an in vogue look.

4. Two Headbands with Bun Hairstyle

Two Headbands with Bun Hairstyle

Braids are perfect for dressier events and numerous women select a variety of an updo. For reasons unknown, it effortlessly furnishes the wearer with a sophisticated appearance. This basic pulled-back updo is redesigned with a twofold braid that sets it beside your regular muddled bun.

5. Casual Updo Hairstyle pinned with a Bow

Casual Updo Hairstyle Pinned with a bow
Presentation is the key. Most don’t invest energy exploring the appearance of other individuals. They take in what they can at first look and evaluate it accordingly. Dress your easygoing updos up the least complex way you can with a simple bow. It’s both minimalistic and charming – a bow includes a touch of “amazing” pizzazz, similar to what it does on a gift.

6. Casual Business Hairstyle

Casual Business Hairstyle
Making a beeline for a meeting or work occasion, and pressed for time? This hairstyle is perfect for a business setting and an after-work date. Its flawlessness comes from its minimalistic touch in both creation and appearance. For an adaptable look that can work with your 9 to 5 job and after, this is a great look to carry.

7. Red Carpet Braided Hairstyle

Red Carpet Braided Hairstyle

Obviously, a braid can change everything. The messier the hairstyle is, the better it will look. A charming bun that works impeccably for medium-length hair isn’t the most effortless thing to run over, so we understand the requirement for something other than what’s expected. Putting a mammoth braid through your natural low bun switches things up with practically no effort.

8. Mohawk Bun Casual Updo Hairstyle

Mohawk Bun Casual Updo Hairstyle

Conceivably the most charming updo on our rundown of 24 coolest and simple hairstyles, this accumulation of buns is shockingly simple to assemble. Moreover, its simplistic appeal isn’t obvious at first look making this the ideal style for a day out in town, or a night out of surprising experiences. The quietly provocative style is fun loving, making it extraordinary for any occasion or event.

9. Casual Braided-Up Hairstyle

Casual Braided-Up Hairstyle
Worn out of your high bun? Bust some energy by braiding your hair up the back of your head and twisting the end of your braid into a bun. This style is awesome on grounds that it keeps up the exemplary look, set up by the first bun, yet the braid includes the essential pizzazz you need to grab attention.

10. Intricate Braided Updo Hairstyle

What makes an updo easygoing is its evident absence of effort and work done on it. Nonetheless, this doesn’t inexorably mean every single easygoing hairstyle must be done in minutes. This style specifically takes some time and persistence to make. The braid winds up looking exceptionally casual and the bun is untidy; henceforth, why this look is ‘a la mode’ and easygoing.

11. Puffed Braided Updo Hairstyle

Add some composition to the existence of your hair with this tousled high puffed braided updo. Consolidate numerous styles of braids to the top and sides. In case you want to be on both sides of the line with edge and class, this look is perfect.

12. Crocheted Ponytail Hairstyle

crocheted ponytail hairstyle

Ideal for long hair, this look joins the easy wave with the unpredictability of a fishtail braid. As a complex variation of your regular braid, this style may take a touch of expertise to accomplish. Nevertheless, once you ace this exceptional hairstyle, the potential outcomes are unfathomable. The chic ponytail updo with a crocheted braid is only one of your numerous choices.

13. The Big Bun Formal Hairstyle

The Big Bun Formal Hairstyle

The bigger the bun, the better the hairstyle will look. Whether you like yours to be high on your head or low, touching the scruff of your neck is totally a matter of inclination. Of the numerous easygoing hairstyles recorded in this article, this one is certainly a neater and more polished hairstyle amongst the other variations.

14. The Wild-Side Casual Updo Hairstyle

Tingling for some fervor in your life? Add it to your hair! It is time to flavor up your hairstyle quotient with a monster braid running into a significantly greater ponytail. Emotional, runway-prepared styles such as this are so much fun and accommodation. Wear it during windy climate, in the sun or under the rains and look perpetually exquisite!

15. Braids with Bun Updo Hairstyle

Braids with Bun Updo Hairstyle
Easygoing updos are fluctuated; however, consolidating a braid is by all accounts the shared factor in many styles. It dresses even the most chic style down, making it wearable for a huge number of events. Indeed, even a high bun, matched with painstakingly styled braids is splendidly suited for a day at the recreation center. This look wraps braids around the head, offering an interesting twist on your most loved top bunch updo.

16. The Quick Braid with Bun Hairstyle

Basic and speedy, braid your hair into a couple side French braids, and roll every pair into a bun. In case your hair is medium length, you might need to make a couple of smaller buns in the back.

17. Time-saving Casual Updo

Long, velvety ethnic hair will look dazzling with this hairstyle that is intended to hold up thick and voluminous hair. Obviously, other hair textures will work generally also. This hairstyle is speedy, simple and looks like a tied bow once finish.

18. Two and Three-Tiered Ponytail Hairstyle

Here’s another adorable and simple style that looks best on hair with the length just below the shoulders. Maneuver your locks into a high ponytail and secure two or three equally spaced sections with elastic bands down the gathered hair. Fluff out every segment for more body and a genuinely innovative, casual look.

19. The Boho Casual Hairstyle for all events

With regards to easygoing hairstyles, the Boho look is in. Casual, oversimplified and frequently decorated with a pretty scarf or blooms, the boho casual hairstyle can be proficient with negligible efforts.

20. The Asian Fan-Out Sock Bun Hairstyle

Cunning like a sock bun yet distinct in its styling, this fan-out sock bun hairstyle makes for a flawless easygoing updo for long hair. Include some sweet side bangs for a more dramatic appeal. This hairstyle will look extraordinary untidy or completely pulled together.

21. The Mini-Twist Updo Hairstyle

Curve, spin and maneuver your hair up into this innovative carefree bun that is immaculate when you’re searching for a beautiful mid-year hairstyle. You’ll require a great deal of hairpins for this one; however, it will be justified, despite all the trouble when your hair is up, off the beaten path and looking perfect.

22. Casual Messy Hairstyle For Long Hair

Casual Messy Hairstyle for Longer Hair
The braid and bun meet up for one beautiful, sappy hairstyle with the low bohemian updo. Ideal for all events, this one looks particularly decent at casual summer social affairs. The style works best when you finger brush your locks and disregard the temptation to make them look smooth and straight – allow them to simply be free-flowing.

23. Tousled Updo For Long Curly Hair

Tousled Updo For Long Curly Hair

Ladies with wavy and curly hair, cheer up! There are some updos that truly look best on your hair. No compelling reason to battle with a hair straightening iron over this one – just accumulate the hair up, twist and secure into a high bun as seen in the image or make a low bun at the nape of your neck.

24. The Three-Step Braided Ponytail Hairstyle

Wouldn’t it be decent to have a casual updo for long hair in your collection that doesn’t require loads of time and effort? This three-step braided ponytail updo is flawless in making your desire work out as expected. Do not take stress over it being impeccably perfect and clean – make a braid and join it with the remaining hair. Use s small section of the hair to twist around the remaining hair, converting it into the ponytail, and secure it with pins. This hairstyle looks beautiful for any mid-year event.

These are only a couple of the considerable easygoing casual updos for long hair that you ought to try your hands at. Every one of them require simple hairpins, elastics and some hair spray, which means you will be up well prepared to get on with your day in a matter of seconds.












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