How To Get Clear Skin Using 15 Home Remedies

Everybody’s dream is a skin that glows. But not everybody will have their desires met. The increasing pollution in the land is taking a toll on the complexion of people. It is common nowadays to find people struggling to get their skin into a shape that will attract comments from admirers.

Looking at the trends as it is happening in the world today; many are spending a lot on cosmetics in a bid to get a skin that will glow. But unfortunately; many of these people fail to realize their objective of a glowing skin. In the light of that, here are 15 home remedies that you can do to get results without spending a fortune. They are do it yourself methods. Anyone can achieve results doing it.


tomatoesDo you know that tomato contains natural bleaching properties? It helps to lighten the skin color. Take a tomato and scrub the paste on your skin. Allow for 15 minutes for maximum effects. Rinse thoroughly with cold water. You will be proud of its effects on your skin.


oatsYou will need about half cup of oats; get a little warm water and pour the oat into it and mix to form a paste; you will have to wait for about 5 minutes to get the desired paste. Scrub very well into your skin in a circular motion with the tip of your finger. Rub harder on your nose to remove blackheads. Leave for 15 minutes and rinse afterwards with cold water.

3. Honey & Lemon

honey lemonHoney and Lemon are great natural bleaching agents. You will need a tablespoonful of both honey and Lemon. Mix them up thoroughly until the Honey mixes well. Next moisten your face and apply this mixture on your skin and leave for 15-20 minutes for desired effects. Wash your face afterwards in cold water.

4. Fuller’s Earth

Soak the Fuller Earth in water and exercise patience for about 10 minutes. Make a paste of it and apply this paste on your face. Leave for some moments and don’t allow it to dry on your face; rinse it off while it is still wet. You will be proud of your skin.

5. Green Apple

green appleIt makes blood in your veins to flow very well; it also has the capacity to make your skin glow. Apply the pulp of Green Apple on your skin. Allow for some minutes for the desired effects. The results that will make you proud of your skin will follow.

6. Rice Flour

Make Rice into a fine powder in the grinder. Mix the quantity with enough milk-adequate to form a paste. Moisten your face and apply the paste thoroughly for about 15-20 minutes. The paste will fall off on its volition as you apply it. Allow all the paste to fall off and then rinse in cold water.

7. Papaya & Honey

The perfect combinations of the two above will give the desired results. How do you prepare the paste? It is simple. Mash papaya with the aid of a fork; mix properly with a tablespoonful of honey. Apply to your face. Rinse properly in cold water.

8. Ice Cube

ice cubeIce cube has the capacity to improve blood flow in your system. If you are going out on a special occasion, dab your face in cold ice cube before applying your make-up; the result will be great on your skin. You can drop a few drops of your moisturizer into the ice cube and massage it on your face. You will achieve desired results.

9. Banana & Oil Face Mask

bananasGet a ripe banana and mash with a fork until it turns into a thick paste. If you use an unripe banana, it will not stick to your skin. Now add one to two tablespoonful of olive oil or vegetable oil. Apply to your face and leave for 20-22 minutes for desired effects. Rinse with normal water.

10. Sandalwood Powder

You need 2 tablespoonful of Sandalwood Powder. Add rose water enough to form a paste. Now apply it to your face and leave for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and pat dry. Next apply a mild moisturizer of your choice. You will love the results on your face.

11. Turmeric

You will need Turmeric powder mixed with lemon juice. Mix them thoroughly until you get a paste. Apply it on your skin. Caution: Turmeric can make your face to turn yellow; therefore, make sure you use just a little quantity. Let the mask dry on your skin before you rinse in cold water.

12. Sugar

sugarFor effectiveness, you will need Sugar; add lemon juice; a few drops of olive water. Mix them thoroughly until you get a solution. You can use this as a face scrubber. The results obtained will gladden your heart when you see your face in the mirror.

13. Olive Oil / Coconut Oil or Jojoba Oil

olive oilAny of the three will produce the desired effects on your cheekbone. Take a few drops of any of the three and apply it on your cheekbone; you will get an instant glow on your cheekbone-it is as simple as that.

14. Curry Leaves

curry leavesYou will need the dry leaves of Curry that has been finely ground into a powder. Next get fuller’s earth and mix it with the powdered Curry. Apply this to your face. The dirt will be removed from your face by the curry leaves while the anticipated shine on your skin will be enhanced by fuller’s earth. You cannot ask for more.

15. Eggs & Honey

You will need the white part of the egg; therefore get rid of the York. Add a tablespoonful of Honey to the egg white and mix it properly well. Apply it on your face and leave it for about 15 minutes for maximum effects. You will definitely notice its effects on your skin.

All the 15 methods discussed so far will give you the desired results on your skin. If you desire a skin that glows; then take a pick that catches your fancy among the 15 discussed above- results will follow.

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  • February 17, 2018 at 5:49 pm

    Natural home remedies are best for beauty and skin care. Although the effect of natural remedies is slow, they work perfectly and also safe for skin. I prefer using the natural products more for skin care.


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