Are you following these 6 Easy Methods to Stay fresh and Fit in summers?

Summer is the season that even the fittest person would try to avoid working out at times; however, that being true, how would you maintain your wellness routine under tight restraints without giving way to the scorching heat?

Fret not! Kick off the summer heat as HealthPrash helps you out with these easy ways to stay fit, cool and refreshed even during those sweltering summer months.

Ever asked why it’s so difficult to continue exercising in the summer months? It is because the blood is diverted from your muscles, and rather, directed to the skin to keep it cool. Therefore, it becomes increasingly difficult to work out during summer months, be it any year.

It’s essential to take precautionary measures when working out during summers. Things like applying sunscreen, staying hydrated, and wearing light breathable apparel turn out to be more imperative.

*HealthPrash Advise: If for any reason you feel that you are getting weak, or your body temperature is raising too quickly when working out, stop! In case you experience difficulty in performing your daily exercise routine, seek advice from your health specialist.

With that off the beaten path, here are a couple tips to maintain a strategic distance from the heat and stay fit as a fiddle, throughout the year, especially during summers.

HealthPrash Tip # 1 – Drink an Ice-Chilled Slushie to Kick off the Heat

To develop your continuance during your workouts and to stay cool, drink an ice-chilled slushie before your exercise schedule. While this may appear like common sense, a recent study presumed that drinking an ice-chilled slushie before working out enhances endurance by ten minutes.

*Having ice slurry (slushie) just before exercising boosts endurance on summer days.

In another study, it was reported that young male athletes who drank syrup-seasoned ice slurry just before running on a treadmill, in a room with high temperature, were able to continue for an average of 50 minutes before they needed to stop. When they drank just syrup-seasoned chilled water, they could run only for an average of 40 minutes.

HealthPrash Tip # 2 – Keep Your Body Hydrated At All Times

water for hyderation

It’s critical to stay effectively hydrated, and it’s anything but difficult to do as such with a simple formula. In a perfect world, you should begin drinking water or different fluids no less than 15 minutes before working out. At regular intervals spent working out, 250 ML of water ought to be consumed. This is where losses of body fluids during practicing become an integral factor – ensure that you weigh yourself before and after your workout. Hypothetically, for each 2 kilograms you’ve lost, you ought to drink 0.5 L of water. Keeping in mind we’re talking hydration, make sure to dodge the myths.

It is crucial to replenish lost fluids in the wake of exercising as it’s vital to stay hydrated at all times, during, and after a workout.

HealthPrash Tip # 3 – Choose the Right Recreational Activity


Some recreational activities turn out to be popular in summers as an approach to stay cool. In case you have access to the beach, water sports like surfing, swimming, and snorkeling help you stay cool. The reviving and cooling properties of water are therapeutic and it keeps you fit and cool when outdoors.

Summer is an incredible time to take on an odd, off-season indoor game like ice skating or ice hockey. These winter games require a chilly temperature to keep the ice solidified, so you’ll have no issue beating the heat even with the temperature soaring outside.

HealthPrash Tip # 4 – Take Your Workouts Indoors

indoor gym for workouts

It’s beneficial to take your workouts outdoors; however, when the temperature gets a bit too high, the least demanding approach to maintain a strategic distance from the sweltering heat is to stay indoors during the daytime. Synonymous with cooling, fitness centers give a decent air conditioned space that lets you workout without having to tolerate the summer heat. But that said, these fitness centers do turn out to be excessively packed during daytime in summer months, and hence, you can adhere to off-peak timings to maintain your daily workout routine without skipping it.

Individuals tend to hit the fitness center in the early morning hours or evenings, just before or after work. If possible, use the off-peak hours in between to keep up with your daily workout schedule. Alternatively, hire a fitness expert who can visit your home and help you with strategic workouts conducive to summer seasons only for enhanced effectiveness.

HealthPrash Tip # 5 – Maintain a strategic distance from the Sun

While we prescribed that you head indoors in tip #4, where you can enjoy your workouts in an air-conditioned space, just the idea of being encompassed by sweat-soaked individuals in a claustrophobic exercise room might not appeal to some individuals. For such fitness buffs, nothing beats the fresh cool air, early morning, combined with a quick jog.

If possible, try staying away from working out when the sun is at its strongest best especially between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Alternate your workouts with few exercises that can be performed in the early morning or late night hours, when the temperature is tolerable. In few places, depending upon how hot it gets outdoors, it’s not odd to see individuals energetically running in the wee hours of the morning or nearer to midnight.

HealthPrash Tip # 6 – Exercise Outdoors, in Short Bursts

The summer heat can be severe, however another way to take full advantage of working out outdoors is to exercise is short bursts for the duration of the day rather than in one long stretch. Rather than working out outside for an hour, take a shot at exercising in four 15-minute regular intervals for the duration of the day. As long as you are maintaining the target heart rate, the nature of your exercise regimen should not suffer. This technique permits you to exercise outside, without being under the sun for a length of time, and decreases the danger of dehydration and heat stroke.

How would you beat the summer heat and keep up that fit body this summer? Share your tips with us. We would love to hear from you.

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