Fleas are a menace. Here are Home remedies to tackle fleas

Fleas should not constitute a problem to you. There are effective means to take care of it. Presented below are 15 sure remedies that will sure yield desired results. Enjoy.

1. Vinegar

Our no one pick is Vinegar. It is an excellent means of eradicating issues that bother on fleas’ infestation at the home. You have to endure the pungent smell of vinegar while it all lasted. At the end of the day, you will succeed in getting rid of the fleas.

Mix the Vinegar in water and use it as a spray on the surfaces at your home to get rid of the fleas.

2. Water and Dish Detergent

This is also an effective remedy to eradicate fleas. It is a common sense remedy to trap and eventually kill the fleas.

You will require detergent mixed in a bowl with water. Leave this mixture in the place where the flea infestation occurred at your home. Place a light source over it to lure the fleas. Use a shallow bowl to make it easy for the fleas to hop in.

3. Citrus

citrus for fleasHealthPrash also has confidence in Citrus. You will need the juice extract in a spray bottle. It works in an incredible way to free your apartment from flea infestation.

Add a slice of the lemon juice to a pint of water and heat to boiling point. Allow it over night and then get it into a spray bottle. Spray the infected areas and you get sure reprieve.

4. Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

It is a supper effective means of dealing with fleas’ infestation. It deals purely with the fleas without any side effects on your pets or humans.

With a single application of DE; it will dehydrate the fleas and destroy a complete colony of the fleas.

5. Borax Powder

This is an equally effective home remedy for fleas’ infestation. The advantage of this method lies in the fact it can used either indoors or outdoors.

Regular applications helps get rid of fleas totally. Apply it along cracks and crevices to get full impact on the fleas.

6. Simply Wash

Another effective antidote to eradicate fleas from the home is through regular washing. Attention should be more on pet bedding; rugs and any other areas that may harbor fleas.

Get soap water, shampoo or cleaning liquids and hot water to clear the flea infested areas in your home and surroundings.

7. Essential Oils

lavender oilOils such as lavender; cedar and lemongrass are very useful and can be relied on to effectively put fleas away from your home.

Spray the oil around the flash points in your home and you will get expected results. This method is a fast acting treatment to eradicate issues bothering on flea disturbance.

8. Vacuum

It is also a potent cure for the eradication of flea from the home. Your primary goal is to clean the apartment with the vacuum cleaner.

The technology lies in the fact that the larva and eggs of the flea are destroyed by the vibrations of the vacuum cleaner. You can now finish it up by spraying with an insecticide to kill the flea colony.

9. Baking Soda and Salt

HealthPrash can affirm that you will get needed relief from fleas if you use this home remedy. It has a dehydrating effect on the fleas and the larvae; thereby eradicating them completely from your homes.

Mix equal parts of the two and spray them on the floor and the rug in your apartment. Leave for an hour and then sweep with a strong broom to allow for maximum penetrations of the solution. Leave for 12 hours or even the entire day. You will get desired results.

10. Orange and Grapefruit Peels

The perfect combinations of the two will produce the desired relief from the nuisance called fleas. It has proved a useful home remedy over the years.

Blend the peels of the two together in a blender and add a quart of water to it. Strain the mixture into a container and cook for 20 minutes. Add lavender oil to it and stir. Allow it to cool and use it as a spray against the flea.

11. Rosemary

rosemaryOur pick of top 15 will not be complete without the inclusion of Rosemary. It is a very good means whereby you can effectively clear your premises of the occupation of fleas.

Add Rosemary to one quart of oil and cook for 20 minutes; strain it and add cedar wood oil; then stir the mixture. Get it into the spray bottle after cooling and use it to spray the infested areas of your apartment.

12. Black Walnut

This is available in the form of a capsule. It is also a very reliable means of getting rid of fleas from the home.

All that needs to be done is to consume these capsules several times in a week. It is a good repellent of fleas in the body.

13. Nematodes

This is an effective external remedy for the control of fleas. It is useful at the backyard and other outer areas of the home. It is a useful worm that helps to kill flea.

Use it at the outer space in your apartment. You need to water it to prevent the ground from drying out.

14. Brewers Yeast

This is yet another superb formula that you can readily fall to when issues pertaining to fleas arise in your home. You will get excellent results using this method.

This yeast is available in form of tablets. It can be added to your dog’s food.

15. Cedar Oil

This is our last take. It has anti-bacterial properties and it act as a pesticide. You can also rely on it to put fleas at bay from your immediate environments.

Use this oil over your animal and the surrounding environment. It will sure repel the fleas.

You will sure get rid of the fleas from your immediate vicinity through any of the 15 methods mentioned above-guaranteed.

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