Face Makeup Tips For Parties and Enhanced Beauty, Explained!

Cosmetics has turned into an essential part of every lady’s life. It is no more about putting forth a fashion statement or about a societal position. Today, every lady needs to look incredible and feel great regardless of what the event is. Whether she is a working profession or a housewife, she puts all her endeavors to looking drop dead gorgeous. Also, when she needs to attend a special event, she swings to beauty care products and cosmetics to get that delightful, flawless looking face.

In the article, you will discover few intriguing and simple face makeup tips for parties, and social party, and these will, without a doubt, work wonders and make you look stunning. Here are quick face makeup tricks and tips for a party, in particular.

On the off chance that you need your makeup to stay all through the party, make sure you wash your face well before applying any cosmetics. You can add just a pinch of soda bicarbonate to normal water and wash your face with it. You can apply ice cubes all over the face for five to seven minutes. This will guarantee your makeup lasts longer for the duration of the party.

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It is good to practice to get that perfect party face makeup

A significant number of us apply cosmetics every day, yet with regards to party makeup; it must be something different and not the same as your everyday makeup. When you are going out for a party, you require the correct mix of cosmetics that upgrade your natural beauty, as well as help you stand out in the crowd.

When you are attending a special get-together, make sure you set up together your cosmetics, outfit and embellishments the night prior to the party and do a pre-party makeup and dress practice until you get the right party makeup to complement your outfit.

Choose the right lipstick color for party makeup

Go with a lipstick shade that complements your skin tone. You need to play up, either your eyes or your lips for a balanced face makeup look.

Tip: Try not to highlight your eye and your lips, together, as it will look unnatural and fake. Play up your best component. Suppose, you have excellent eyes. You can wear false eyelashes, apply your eyeliner and mascara, and after that minimize your lips with a light lip shade and a dash of sparkle.

Choose the right concealer as per skin tone

Apply a concealer on any skin imperfections like dark circles, spots, scars or flaws. Bear in mind to mix it well. Women with dull skin tone need to pick a beige tone concealer. On the off chance that you have good skin, you can pick regular tones of concealers. Apply it with a dry wipe rather than your fingers. Apply it uniformly and gently.

Apply foundation, the right way

After concealer, apply makeup foundation uniformly, all over the face and neck. You can likewise blend the foundation with a little lotion, especially during winters. Doing so, your foundation will last more, and will likewise, keep your skin moisturized and avoid it drying up.

Why apply face powder?

Apply face powder all over your face and neck, gently, to complete your face makeup. This sets your makeup, making it last for a longer duration of time. Once face powder is applied, brush off any excess powder to avoid a cakey look.

Buying the right face makeup product

To buy face makeup products, it must be done with sincerity and concern, since it will be applied over your face. Choose a range of face makeup that coordinates with your skin tone and skin quality, impeccably, so that it blends uniformly on the face. The worry in choosing the right products is required with the goal that it doesn’t harm or contrarily affect the skin. Consequently, buying cosmetics that are produced by reputable brands is the way forward.

Prepping for face makeup

Cleanse and Massage

  • Cleanse
    The principal step to a smooth face makeup is cleansing the face to dispose of dirt and abundant oil. This can be achieved using a chemical free cleanser that sets the base for that perfect makeup finish.
  • Message
    After cleansing, a good facial massage using a face cream will hydrate the skin and prevent dryness.

Applying Foundation

The face foundation relies on upon the complexion, for example, a radiant skin tone requires light shade. The foundation should blend well with the skin and this is possible by adding a little water to the base. Additionally, applying ice allows the makeup to set well. Pimple prone face may work well with water-based foundation, so keep an eye on the label when buying one. Be that as it may, regions under the eye should be treated with extreme care.

Eye is an essential component of face makeup

Two critical things to remember: the eye shadow should suite the skin, and strong makeup is more fitting during the evening. Eyeliner can be used to give a distinct shape, while thin eyeliner gives an expansive look and a thicker line gives that dramatic look.

Eyes are the principle part of the face and subsequently the eye-care products ought to be water-proof and smudge free. Mascara will unquestionably give a wealthier look and the final face makeup look should be finished with a stroke of blush.

Tip: Always do makeup in natural light for an impeccable finish. What’s more, for those searching for the best looks, the finest products may come costly, yet are highly recommended as they don’t contain artificial ingredients, preservatives, additives that cause skin concerns.

Framing those lips to a dazzle!

The frame of your lips can be outlined using a lip liner, which can be used within this line. This gives an appearance of slender lips. Along these lines, use lip liners unassumingly.

Lipsticks that are extremely reflexive must be avoided, and choose mute lip color. Apply gloss on the widest lip part so it gives your lips that depth and fullness. Keep dramatic and brilliant color shades at bay and pick a lipstick that gives characteristic full lips highlighting the whole face makeup.

Cheeks should not be ignored

Cheeks rule the face makeup after the eyes. The cheekbone must be enhanced and shadowed or contoured. To get those high cheekbones, suck your cheeks in, and apply a light blush to the cheekbone and temple areas to achieve a fade coating. Next, smooth it with a finger. Touching a bronzer to the temple, jaw and nose gives that characteristic look.


Healthy skin is basic, irrespective of the foundation or cosmetics used. Applying makeup or foundation on an oil free skin allows the face makeup to stay on throughout the day. Having a squeaky clean face and wiping it using an astringent before the start of makeup routine is highly suggested. Astringent adjusts the oil surface furthermore helps with the foundation to stay on the skin. In the end, during the evening, before going to bed, washing the face using an exfoliating product is fundamental to remove dead skin cells and prevent pores from clogging.

All are not blessed with excellent skin tone. Using skin-friendly and effective cosmetics for the face helps in highlighting the elements, and furthermore hides the facial defects when it is done skillfully with the correct beauty care products.

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