Face Makeup For Your Face Shape, Explained!

Planning for a head-turning glam look at a special event? Most of us experiment with looks and colors, but what we forget is to ensure that our look keeps up with our face shape. HealthPrashTM has scraped a few simple ways to make you look your glamourous best and enhance your features without looking over-done. Here’s our take on face makeup that best suits your face shape, explained!

It’s good to keep practicing application of face makeup, until you get it right, but the tips in this article should help. While the wonder craze isn’t new, its skyrocketing recognition among make-up gurus and aficionados is current.

Don’t use cosmetics if you have a skin infection. Throw away any make-up you had been using once you realize the issue.

We are all born with a different face shape, and hence, we must ensure that the makeup enhances the overall facial structure rather than not.

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There’s nothing more discouraging than scouring online sites for the ideal look, just to find that the final product doesn’t coordinate the lovely picture you printed out for your beautician. Regularly, this style-to-face method closes in disappointment – and even in tears in the event that you’ve picked the makeup style that doesn’t work for your face shape.

In any case, fret not. This doesn’t mean you need to surrender looking fascinating. You need to do a little homework by knowing your face shape before you apply makeup.

Step-by-step instructions to determine your face shape

Making sense of your face shape isn’t too difficult, once you come to know that there are just six shapes to look at. A significant number of us make the error of imagining that our faces are “round,” missing few of those elusive angles, completely.

To decide your face shape, pull your hair in a headband or braid and analyze what you find in the mirror. Your lovely face can be categorized into one of the following six shapes.

Diamond: Narrow brow and jawline with cheekbones at the most extensive part of the face.

Heart: Wider brow and cheekbones with a slender jawline and jaw.

Oblong: Often mistook for the oval face; however, an elongated face will have a more extended shape that is not as wide as oval – frequently with a slender jaw.

Oval: Forehead might be somewhat more extensive than the chin, and the length of the face is around one-and-half times the width.

Round: Prominent, adjusted cheeks with equivalent width and length of the face.

Square: Prominent jaw and square chin, with brow and jawline generally a similar width.

Now that you have determined your face shape, let’s take a look at the best makeup looks that match your face shape. Here are expert tips and celebrity makeup looks as your guide to a gorgeous, glamorous face!

Makeup tips for heart-shaped face

Play up cheeks with matte blush. It adds color without the shine or sheen to downplay cheekbones. Abstain from highlighting, or [adding] sheen or sparkle on top of cheekbones as it’ll make [defined] cheeks more pronounced.
Maintain a strategic distance from cruel liquid liners as it can look grave. Rather, decide on gel or pencil liner.

Wearing delicate feminine tones like transparent pinks or reds on lips and cheeks soften the face. Try on a Lip Sheer in Pink Berry.

Makeup tips for round-shaped face

Mix bronzer underneath your cheekbones to include cut and definition then sweep highlighter on top of your cheekbones to make them more pronounced and add shape.

Downplay the round-shaped face by settling on angular shaped brows. Make sure they still look delicate and not overdone. Gently fill them to get the arch shape using a brow gel.

Smoky eyes with strong liquid liners add definition to the face. So in the wake of applying your smoky eyeshadow, complete your eyes by applying a liquid liner.

Makeup tips for square-shaped face

Mix a cream blush of rosy tint on the apples of your cheeks. Furthermore, make certain to abstain from anything brutal or serious like solid eyeliners or lip hues.

Try on a delicate sheer sparkle or lip recolor in beautiful shades like transparent pinks or coral.

Complete your look by playing up your lashes with two layers of mascara to add a coquettish, girly finish to your face.

Makeup tips for oval-shaped face

Blend a bronze-hued blush or bronzer in an upsweep [motion] from [the] apples of [your] cheeks toward the temples.

Line lips before applying gleam or lipstick to characterize the jawline zone more.

To add more general definition to your face, subsequent to applying a sheer eyeshadow shade, blend a medium (or darker) shade onto your creases, which gives the shades you want in one compact.

Makeup tips for diamond-shaped face

Try not to apply your blush in the hollows underneath your cheekbones, but on the apples of your cheeks. Use a brownish peach/chestnut blush instead of a light or brilliant pink shade. Stay away from blushes that are gleaming or enlightening. You would prefer not to make your cheeks look any fuller.

To extend the presence of your temple, your brows need to be prepped a bit away from the center. Additionally, follow the natural shape of your brow — don’t make a dramatic arch. This will help your eyes (and your forehead) look wider.

While applying your lip liner, follow the characteristic line of your lips. You don’t need your lips to show up too wide, as this may make your jaw look much more slender. Use a matte lipstick in a nonpartisan tone as opposed to a splendid or polished lip shade.

Makeup tips for oblong-shaped face

Your goal with makeup on an oblong face is to make the presence of the perfect oval, making your face seem both shorter and wider. Use a darker toned pressed powder (or a matte bronzer) along the hairline at the highest point of the brow, blending it downward. Likewise, add the same bronzer to the base of the jaw only. This will help the face show up marginally shorter.

Next, you need to concentrate on the cheekbones to make the face look wider. Apply bronzer under the hollow of the cheekbones, and thereafter, blend up and out toward the hairline.
Form the sides of the jaw, hairline and temples with a bronzer to minimize the prominent forehead. Highlight the cheekbones and chin.

Put the attention on the cheeks, by applying blush to the apples, using a soft brush in a circular movement.
Apply a light highlighter or translucent powder to the highest points of the cheeks to wrap up the face look.
Put the accentuation on your best features to detract from a sporadic, oblong face shape. Play up your eyes by trying different things with eye makeup, striking eyeshadow hues and lashes. Broadening the eyebrows outward, toward your temples will mellow the prominent angular features.

You need to ensure you’re wearing makeup that will improve your best features and parts of your specific face shape, while minimizing your least favorite features. For example, Reese Witherspoon’s excellent heart-shape face implies she has a more visible jaw, so she ought to (and wears) makeup that draws our concentration far from that region, playing up her lips and cheeks with a hard-hitting shade.

Your face shape can direct whether that coral lip shade a celebrity wore will look similarly as smoking on you or not. Similar is the case for hairdos, so make sure you get a haircut that matches your face shape, alike.

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