Excellent Ways to Ensure Healthy Feet This Summer

The base; or put differently, the foundation upon which our entire body mass depends upon is our feet. Either you are walking or running; even when you are driving; your feet come in very handy as the basis to ensure support and stability. Be that as it is, the care of this part of the body is of utmost importance. Different strokes for different weather when it comes to taking care of your feet. Our concern here is care of the feet in summer – enjoy!

  1. Cleanliness – Make sure you wash your feet every day even if you do not shower.
  2. Soak your feet – Prepare a basin of warm water to soak your feet.
  3. Clean underneath your nail – You can do this by using orange stick or the tool on your clippers; you have to be gentle so that you will not puncture the nail bed.
  4. Trim and file your nails – Soak the nail in water; thereafter it becomes easy to trim and file.
  5. Dead dry winter skin – You have to remove the debris of the dead winter skin for you to enjoy the benefits of your summer sandal weather.
  6. Push back cuticles – They look like dry skin but they are not. Do not cut them to avoid infection; all you need do is to push them back.
  7. Mask – Just as this is applicable to the face, you can as well apply it to your feet to help streamline the effect of the summer weather.

It is very desirable that you polish your toe in this summer weather. You can achieve this by applying the following processes:

  1. Choose right type of polish – Apply it to your skin slightly to see how it works before applying it on your toe.
  2. Base Coat – Apply base coat before polishing so as to strengthen your nail and allow the polish to adhere perfectly well.
  3. Application – Experts say you need to apply only three strokes viz left side, middle, and right side; then you are done.
  4. Allow to dry – It will take ten minutes to dry; you can quicken this by placing your foot under the fan.
  5. Prepare your nail before polish – One way to do this is to ensure that the nails of your toe are free from damp.
  6. Make use of a toe spacer – It makes application of polish to your toes easy.
  7. Softer skin – Our skin differ from one individual to the other. For people with softer skin, you have to exfoliate and scrub gently to remove dead cells.
  8. Your Socks – Keep your socks clean. You are better protected from infection since the socks have direct contact with your feet.
  9. Moisturize – You have to maintain some level of moisture during the summer weather. Massage the moisturizer after washing into your feet before wearing your socks.
  10. Cut your nails – The cutting of your nails should not be too short to prevent skin infections.
  11. Nail polish – Apply only on healthy toes. This should happen only once in a while.

The food intake also affects the state of health of your feet. How?

  1. Consume plenty of calcium – Bone loss manifests first on the feet. Therefore eat good healthy source of calcium such as: Sardines and Salmon; Figs and Oranges.
  2. Vitamin D – Get enough food that is rich in Vitamin D. It helps the body to absorb calcium that your feet needs.
  3. Exercise – This is necessary as well to keep your feet in great shape throughout the summer; we are talking of moderate exercise here.
  4. Work on your balance – Work on balancing your body mass on your feet. It helps to spread the load on your feet; exercises such as Yoga and others will do.
  5. Your Toes – You have to exercise your toes alone. Work on lifting each toe in a sitting position.
  6. The right shoes – Endeavor to wear the right type of shoes that will give needed freedom and allowance to your feet.
  7. Pedicures – You should avoid this because the instruments used for this process can harbor germs.
  8. Flip flops – When you are using public swimming pools or showers; endeavor to use Flip flops so as to prevent your feet from infections.
  9. Quick fix – Wipe a layer of clear coat over your color when you are at the beach and then perish the thoughts of your pedicure wiping off. When you are done, the glow of your nails comes out as clear as it was earlier.
  10. Foot Rub – Applying foot rub this summer will make your feet asking for more. It is easy, get a tennis ball and roll it expertly on your foot; spend extra time to massage the tenser areas.
  11. Chill out – Under the hot weather, you will do your feet some favor by soaking it in a tube of ice water for about 15 minutes.
  12. Do away with the heels – Wearing such in the summer weather will add extra discomfort to you. Kick off the heels to get some form of freedom on your heels.
  13. Bare foot – Never go bare foot because of the risk of germs.
  14. Rough spots – Be ready and prepared to deal with the rough spots on your leg. After you might have toweled your legs use pumice stone or foot file on the dry spots on your feet.
  15. Prevent blisters – This is common during summer. Save your scrappiest shoes for the winter weather.
  16. Deal with splinters immediately – If splinters occur after all precautionary measures that you have taken, then deal with it immediately it occurs.
  17. Slather on sunscreen – Your feet can get burnt as well; hence the wisdom in covering the top of your feet and your ankles.
  18. Don’t go barefoot even while inside – It is an invitation to infections.
  19. Wear natural sunscreen – It will help protect your feet from sunburn.
  20. Alternate your shoes – Allow your shoes to air before wearing them; it helps to prevent foot odor and fungi formation.
– By Sunday Ajewole

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