Effective Home Laxative for Laryngitis

The list below comprises sure bets for the treatment of laryngitis. Enjoy.

1. Humidifier

The use of this method is climate based. If the climate of the place you live in is arid climate; dry climate, or an extremely cold climate then your choice for best cure for laryngitis is the humidifier.

The installation of a humidifier adds moisture to the air making it comfortable for laryngitis.

2. Gargle with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

apple cider vinegarACV will also give you expected relief from issues relating to laryngitis. It has the properties to ensure effective cure of this ailment.

Get equal ratios of AVC and water mixed together. Gulp it down your throat right into your stomach. Do not spew it out of your mouth. You will get desired results.

3. Coffee

coffeeCoffee is great in the system. It is one tea most people cannot do without having a taste of its flavor.

Take this from us; the cause of your laryngitis may be due to your intake of coffee. Our advice in relation to this is to avoid coffee for the meantime. This is a preventive measure which we are sure will work for you.

4. Lemon Water

lemon waterHealthPrash can vouch for the efficacy of lemon to give desired relief. However, there is a condition attached to taking this remedy as an option. If your throat is not sore and painful, then this method is for you; otherwise avoid it.

Get fresh lemon water with a bit of salt added to it; drink this thrice daily for an effective and speedy cure.

5. Garlic Lozenges

garlicWe are not referring to the lozenges that you know here. It is different from the usual one. The useful one we are referring to here is the one made at home with raw garlic. It is one of the tried and tested home remedies.

Be prepared to stand the smell of garlic. Take two cloves of garlic and mark incisions on them; then place it on both sides of your mouth. Leave for some time; you will achieve desired results.

6. Ginger Tea

ginger teaWe can place a bet on this home remedy as well. It is one of the great means to treat throat infection. You will achieve desired results because ginger possesses what it takes to give you expected results.

Grate ½ teaspoon of fresh ginger and pour into three cups of water. Boil this on low heat for about 10-15 minutes-let the lid be in place. You will get 2 cups of ginger from this, drink this for effective relief.

7. Dusty Areas

HealthPrash believe in preventive means against laryngitis. Some of the issues associated with laryngitis can be prevented; this is far better than cure.

If there are dusty areas in your vicinity and you are prone to going to such areas; then you are very likely to catch laryngitis. Therefore; our advice to you is to avoid such areas to prevent dire consequences.

8. Licorice

licoriceThis ranks among the best remedy for laryngitis. It is an herb that we trust to give you the best benefits. However, if you have blood pressure problems and related diseases; then this method is not for you so that you will not complicate issues.

You can chew on a few sticks of licorice roots. Keep it in the mouth for some time to get desired results.

9. Eucalyptus Oil

This method also has a broad shoulder on which you can lean upon to get desired results. It is a bronchodilator and has the capacity to loosen the mucus in your lungs thereby delivering desired relief from laryngitis.

You will have to drop some drops of this oil into steam. Cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam. It will produce great results.

10. How to Talk

Some people are like a singing bee; they talk on and on without end. We have discovered that laryngitis can be caused by too much stress on the vocal cord. This is yet another simple preventive method that we are sure will be of benefits to you.

When issues bothering on laryngitis crops up; our advice to you is: Talk less!

11. Humming

To most people this remedy might sound odd; laughable or even stupid. To you our esteemed readers, we want to tell you that it is real; you can trust us. It is the thinking of the experts who we trust knew better.

If the laryngitis has not involved pain; then a gentle humming will do the trick.

12. Honey

honeyThis is a sure remedy to treat laryngitis. Honey has the natural ingredients to cure all issues relating to this throat infection. It has the proven property to treat many related issues in the body.

Take one tablespoon of honey and swallow it down the throat slowly. Do not drink water immediately afterwards. You will get fast relief.

13. Salt Water Gargle

Salt is also a great means of treating issues that has to do with laryngitis. It contains sure bets to reverse the discomfort associated with this irritation of the throat.

You will need a glass cup of warm water and one tablespoon of table salt. Mix and use same to gargle your mouth deeply. Spew out the water afterwards.

14. Shun Smoking

Smoking has some health disadvantages. One of them is laryngitis. Smoking may be at the root cause of laryngitis.

Our strong advice is that you shun anything relating to smoking when you have issues concerning sore throat accompanied with pains. This is one preventive measure that will sure work for you.

15. Water

water for laryngitis remedyOur last pick on effective sure remedies is water. Yes, this natural gift as it were will be of useful help. Are you surprised? Never be, it is an effective way to keep you dehydrated.

Drink plenty of water as it were and you will sure get desired relief.

We can safely say that you will get help from any of the listed remedies above – a mixture of both preventive and curative methods from issues relating to laryngitis.

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