Child Care Health & Development Tips That Everyone Should Know

No parent wants the least for his/her child. The goal of any average parent is to get the very best for their wards. At birth, medical experts have proved through scientific research that the brain of the child is 25% that of an adult. The test results show that at age three, the brain has developed up to 90% of an adult.

It can be clearly seen from the analysis given above that a lot of developments take place within the first three years of a child’s life. If you want your child to operate at the peak of performance, then adequate attention should be paid to these very vital years in your child’s evolvement in life.

Many parents have failed woefully in this regard. How prepared are you to give your child the best for success in life? The main attention in this article is to give you tips and tricks towards giving your child that push in life. Enjoy.


interaction with childThe growth of your child’s brain is tied down to the level of interactions he/she gets at this early stage of life. The more you find a way of interacting with your child, the better for the overall developments of the child. Try diverse means of pulling them out of their shell.

If your child is the cheerful type, then your work is half done. But in the case where your child is an introvert, then you have to devise every means to ignite interactions with her.


Physical affections unto your child will help you score high on the overall developments of your child. Let your child have a high feeling of affections. How can you do this? Be gentle towards any cue of your child. Rock your child and look into the eyes. Hold your child on your lap; go further by reading and playing with your child.


This enabling environment will help fast tract your child’s growth and developments. Mind you, your child is not yet an adult; your child is still very innocent; he/she is not yet aware of some dangers around the home.

The above is the state of mind of your child and therefore, you are duty bond to prepare a safe environment for your child to have an accident free environment to develop at this very critical stage in life.


You have to be there for your child at all times in this period of early development in life. Create an enabling environment for that stable relationship to bond between you and your child. In stressful situations, be there with her in solidarity. Be calm and very predictable in your interactions with your child. It is observed that those children who are fortunate to have this template in place develop faster than their peers in life.


Having kick started and executed your own part of the bargain in your child’s early evolvement in life; no doubt you want the tempo to be maintained. You want your child in the company of those that can build upon these positive developments that you have achieved in your child.

You will not be there all the times. Therefore your surest bet is to commit your child to the care of a quality child care. Make sure the environment is conducive; ensure that the quality of food is okay. The provider should show great signs of interaction with the children.


This is another key area you are duty bond to work on in your effort to lay the foundations upon which your child grows to become the best in life. Your child is unique from birth; you have the responsibility to discover whom he/she is and you have to value the child for that.

Praise the child for milestones achieved; encourage your child to express self without inhibitions. Show your child respect and make him/her realize at this stage that respect is reciprocal.


playing with childThe age long saying that all work and no play makes dull a Jack boy holds true here; it is a wisdom saying that parents can tap into to get the best from their wards. Get involved in their play. Let your child take the lead while you observably tag along. Through this medium, healthy brain development is fostered.

The creativity and imaginative attributes of your child is best developed here. You will get to know your child here because all guards are dropped during play.


The best and very potent tool that you can get here is the development of the speech pattern of your child. When you communicate with your child, it goes to show that you love your child. Read aloud to your child and encourage an interactive session of questions and answers.

Sing to him/her; encourage him/her to do so- if possible form a musical duet; it helps to develop your child faster than you can ever imagine. Ask questions that answers can be readily provided for.


Music has the proven power to stimulate brain development in some specific areas such as reasoning and language. Therefore, you will go a long way if you involve your child in music to achieve the core areas stated above.

Play music at home and encourage your child to sing and dance. Encourage your child to make his/her brand of music using household items readily available. You will achieve a whole lot while you stimulate the brain of your child doing this.


reading with childYou have to make reading a great priority in your attempt to develop your child holistically. Read to your child every day. Make sure you do all you can to involve in participatory reading. You are the first and most vital teacher to your child. Others will only build on the foundations you have laid in these formative years.

Repeat the same book for maximum effects and fluent connection between the reading and spoken words. Let your child tell you a story. Write it down and show your child the transformations of the words in black and white.

Let it be clear here that whatever you sow; that you will reap. Make efforts to train your child using the above module. The sky will be the limit of your child!

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