The Best And All-Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Nobody fancies the loss of his/her natural air to baldness. Most celebrities have spent a fortune to regain their natural hair that has turned bald. In some of the instances, in an attempt to reclaim the hair back; some have come across toxic chemicals which when applied give adverse side effects because of the toxic chemicals that they contain.

The aim of this article is to give you the information that you need to stop that hair loss naturally with a guarantee that you stand no risk of any side effects. This will put you on the path of preventing hair loss and other baldness cures. They are all natural and easy do it yourself ways to treat hair loss. We are going to look at it from three angles viz: Supplements; Diet and Natural treatments. Here we go:


hair loss supplementsThere are some supplements that have the proven capacity to prevent natural hair loss. They have all been tried and proved; consider all of these.

  • VITAMIN B COMPLEX – This contains important nutrient that will help reverse your balding hair; further it will help regain back your thick hair
  • LECITHIN – It has been established that when the capillary is blocked, there will be irregular flow of blood; this in turn will lead to loss of hair. Lecithin is a capillary cleanser that will allow free flow of blood through the veins.
  • NETTLES – It is mildly irritating to the skin; however, this herb is a sure antidote to hair loss.
  • CAYENNE – It also has the proven capacity to increase blood circulation.
  • HERBS – These are herbal supplement that has the capacity to boost hair growth.
  • HORSE TAIL -This is known for its silica content; a good remedy for loss of hair.

A pick on any of the supplements mentioned will sure reverse your hair loss


diet for hair lossHave you ever thought in your wildest imaginations that your diet can function as a tool to prevent and help regain lost hair?  Knowledge is power, because that exactly holds true for some of the diets we have around us today. Now hold your breath and consider the following:

  • LOW-FAT DIET – Immediately you observe that you are losing your natural hair, do not panic, rather go on low fat diet and the ugly trend will be reversed.
  • HIGH PROTEIN DIET – They are cheap and affordable, above all, they are readily available. Go on such diets and watch your natural hair blossom back to life.
  • DARK GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLE – Go for the leafy vegetables that are both dark and green; they possess the magic for your hair growth.
  • BIOTIN – This is another very good anti-hair loss formula. It can be gotten very cheaply from the yolk of egg.


hair loss natural treatmentLet us move on to some of the best natural ways that you can use to reverse this embarrassing trend of hair loss.

  • SCALP MASSAGE -This is a clever way to increase blood circulation in the top region of the head. Your tool can be your finger; or in the alternative, you can make use of a very soft brush.
  • EXERCISE – The place of exercise at regaining your hair should not be taken with levity. Make use of trampoline to exercise every single cell of your hair.
  • COLON CLEANSE – Eliminate the buildup of toxin in your gut, more nutrients are absorbed from your small intestine, the recipient of the nutrients is your hair. Here again, mini trampoline will be of use.
  • LIVER FLUSH -When there is toxic waste in the liver, there is an attendant imbalance of hormones. Clean your liver to address this glaring imbalance of these hormones by the use of mini trampoline. It will produce results that will make you proud of your hair.
  • NATURAL BRISTLE BRUSH – Make it a habit to brush your skin with brush made from natural brittle material. This will result into proper circulation of blood in the body. It eliminates toxic lymphatic metabolic waste. This waste is responsible for clogging the flow of good nutrition to the scalp area.
  • SHOWER FILTER – Chlorine is toxic to the human body and it is responsible for most sicknesses in humans; hair loss inclusive. You take in more chlorine during your bath far above what gets into the system when you drink water. The solution? Always filter your bath water before taking your shower.
  • ALTERNATE HEAT AND COLD – You can use ice pack and a heat pack; alternatively, your towel soaked in both hot and cold water can be utilized; alternate them in three minutes; circulation of blood to the scalp is thereby stimulated and hence your thick hair is guaranteed.
  • HOMEOPATHY – This method is only ideal if the hair loss is still very much in the mild state. There can be remedy in such cases with homeopathy; it is beyond, then this method becomes an exercise in futility.
  • REFLEXOLOGY – There is a connection between the tips of your fingers and your toe one hand, and your scalp on the other hand. You can massage the tips of your fingers and toes; this stimulates circulation. Alternatively, you can rub the tips of your hands into each other; it will produce the same result.
  • ACUPUNCTURE – This is a very effective means of improving blood circulation to the scalp. This modality can also be classified as one of the natural methods to increase the growth of your hair naturally with much stress.


You can clearly see from the tips given above that through natural means of medications, you can completely reverse that worrisome hair loss. Any of the three approaches described extensively can work for anybody.

Others have achieved results; you too can achieve same results if you carefully follow the outlined processes. None of the treatment/prevention methods discussed under the scope of this article has any side effects. They were comfortable on those that have used them earlier; your case can not be an exception.

Unto your healthy, lush thick hair!

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