The Best Makeup For Your Eyes – Finding The Best Ways To Enhance Your Features

If your Instagram feed is flooded with the newest makeup tutorials and tips, it is overwhelming to understand where to begin. Matching your eyeshadow to your eye color can look too monochromatic, so as a substitute we have dug out some makeup tips to help your natural eye color stand out.

Keep Eye Cosmetics Outside The Eye

Do not use an eyeliner on the interior part of your eyelids – the place make-up can get inside your eye. An Intense eye shadow collection takes the guess work out when choosing the proper one to match your eye color.


If the smoky eye effect is a little too smoky, tone it down by rubbing a cotton tip with an oil free moisturizer over the top.

If your brow bone is just too protruding and your eye lids too small, then you might be surely dealing with one of the crucial widespread issues for small eyes – your eye shadows are always creasing and smudging in your crease.

Don’t apply a concealer straight onto any area round your eyes or crow’s feet, it’s going to just crinkle.

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Using An Eye Mascara To Add Depth

No eye make-up for small eyes is complete without mascara and naturally, there are some solutions we have if you want your eyes to look bigger.

A good make-up brush is required for decent blending, which is what it takes to carry an eyeshadow look to the next level. However, if it is your wedding day, it is recommended to employ a make-up specialist and ensure that an expert is present with you at all times before and during the D-day.

You can use liquid eyeliners or an eye pencil; however, choose dark eyeshadows as eyeliners. It will instantly open up the eye and add definition letting you see how much make-up you’ll really need. Mineral makeup is usually a sensible choice for skin with rosacea, as it doesn’t include potentially irritating substances.

All eye cosmetics comprise of preservatives that stunt the growth of bacteria within the make-up. Just like how it was discovered to make use of highlights and shadows to contour my face, it was discovered that one can use a similar technique to change the shape of your eyes, too.

Tip for deep-set or small eyes: Always use lighter tones; darker hues make eyes appear even smaller.

Mascara should be a permanent item of any girl’s make-up bag after her lip stick! It’s the easiest technique to open up your eyes, effortlessly.

As a habit, gently remove eye make-up with an Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover pad. Such single-use pads gently remove eye makeup without leaving a greasy residue and without causing irritation.


If you’ve got Asian eyes always use waterproof eyeliner on the upper lash line, because of the way your eyelid folds, your liner becomes more prone to smudging. Striking cat-eye eyeliner, highly outline eyelashes and pops of eye shadow color are all great methods to play up your eyes. If you really want to make your eye shadow colors pop, apply a white base first.

If you are selecting a vivid eye shadow color, keep in mind to enhance the color of your edges. You don’t need them to clash, which can degrade the look. Getting anything that is close to your eye can probably trigger injury — so when you’re painstakingly drawing that great-looking line, take care not to get the cosmetics inside your eye. Bacteria and fungi can multiply, and should you continue to beautify your eyes with this make-up, you are transferring these germs onto your eyes.

If you have blue, green, or hazel eyes, select an eyeshadow color that enhances the color of your iris to enliven your eyes and carry out probably the most striking effects.

Moving On To The Final Make-up Touchups!

Use eye cream on your lips before applying the lip balm. Unlike lip balm which tends to sit down on top of the lips, eye cream absorbs quicker and is packed with extra hydrating ingredients.

Go heavy with the dark shade across the eye wrinkles to offer the phantasm of a rounder eye and extend your eyeliner out so as to balance the look.

When concerned about fine lines and wrinkles around the eyelid area, steer clear of shimmery colors and select an eye shadow range with moist textures and good shades. Keep away from makeup ingredients you’re allergic to, and always validate labels when picking out a brand new eye makeup product.

Eye Makeup For Various Eye Shapes

Each eye shape requires some tweaking to General Guidelines – a little more contour or a little less, a thicker eyeliner or a thinner one, black eyeliner on the lessening waterline or a white one.

For a better way to get into those hard-to-reach areas with a blotting tissue, wrap it across the point of a wedged makeup sponge. With a tad smear, anybody can grasp the secrets of a ravishing eye shadow make-up. Moreover, you can always consult your eye makeup specialist, if you have further questions in regards to the secure use of eye cosmetics.

If you’ve just had an eye surgery, ask your Doctor for directions on how to use cosmetics before and after the surgery.​

Makeup For Almond Eyes

After applying your base and eyelid shades, dust your darkest shadow or a darkish liner alongside your upper lash line, subtly intensifying the color at the outer corner.

Makeup For Hazel Eyes

Everyday eye shadow colors for inexperienced and hazel eyes can be taupe colors, mocha browns, and shades of purple. A tender brown can work effectively.

Makeup For Blue Eyes

If you have blue eyes, you should select soft blues or coppers and browns.

Makeup For Brown Eyes

Brown eyes will look irresistible in any color so just go along with a favorite shade and don’t be afraid of trying something new. Just keep in mind not to clash your make up with your garments.

Here are some eye makeup methods for inexperienced fashionistas that should be adopted.


  • You can do your eye makeup first after which, you can apply foundation or concealer to the remainder of the face.
  • When using eye makeup, if you are facing consistent eye irritation, the problems may be caused by blepharitis, a continual irritation of the eyelids, which the eye physician can diagnose.
  • If you’re looking for a quick solution, you may tight line your eyes and use an eyelash curler and a volumising mascara.
  • If you have prominent eyes like Lala Anthony’s, consider highlighting just below the brow bone.
  • A reduced wrinkle actually helps to make your eyes stand out (especially if you do not have naturally defined eyelids).
  • Start your eyeliner at the center of the eyelid and lengthen it out further than your eye in a straight line.
  • After your base and lid colors are done, dab a highlighter just in the midst of the brow bone to make your eyes pop.
  • Lastly, you’ll want to consider a make-up setting product, if you’ll be strutting your sparkle all evening!

There are numerous makeup for small eyes secrets and techniques that we are more than pleased to share with you in our videos (coming shortly), so please don’t miss any tutorials.

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