All That You Need To Know About Zero-Calorie Foods

There are many people today who are battling with excess weight that they want to do away with in the composition of their body mass. It has been scientifically proved that body weight comes with the accumulation of calories in the body.

To many people therefore, there is wisdom in avoiding foods and drinks that are rich in calories. They reason that by so doing, they will be able to curtail that excess ponds. Get is right and clear, losing weight is not that easy as you had thought.

It is rather easy to accumulate that extra weight that leads to obesity in many instances but it is not that easy to shed them off. The question now arises: Are there really Zero-Calorie Foods. Can you lose weight by eating these so called Zero-calorie foods and drinks? There are more to this than meets the eye.

The answer to the above poser is that you stand the risk of gaining weight with these so called Zero-Calorie foods. The only exception to this rule is water. A couple of this category of foods has been selected for the purpose of this article; our aim is to clear the myth surrounding this category of food. What do this category of food cause to the body system? Just consider all these:


There is in every human being, a system called natural fat burners. They are there purposely to burn that part of butter into soluble molecules that will be useful to your body system. Most of the so called Zero-Calorie foods are highly processed foods. They are naturally digested by you as they enter the body.

The natural fat burners in the body are therefore rendered useless. Such foods completely dampen the natural fat burners in the body. What is the consequence of this to the body? Your guess is as good as ours. You will get excess fat in the body which translates into weight gain!


These Zero-Calorie foods are highly chemicalised. When the natural in the body meets with the chemically processed food; there is bond to arise some measure of disparity in the system. This disparity is described as inflammations in the belly. They can be likened to irritants in the body which interferes with the body’s natural ability to absorb nutrients.

The natural defense ability of the digestive system is therefore called to play creating an inflammation which causes the fat genes to turn on. The end result in the final analysis is belly fat. Do you see that point of argument? That should be clear and convincing enough.


There is a natural system in the body that regulates the digestion of foods. When certain foods are taken, signals are sent through the digestive system and reactions to such come up within the system.

Take for example; when you drink diet soda, the sweet taste makes the body anticipate the arrival of calories; reactions from the body expecting the introduction of calories is defeated; confusion sets in! What follows next? Hunger is triggered and your body demands for food. In the final analysis, you end up gaining weight!

Below are some of the so called Zero-Calorie foods. It is strongly advised going by our analysis that you think twice before deciding on any of them; because in the final analysis, you might get the exact opposite of your set goals/targets.


The purpose of this is to replace high calorie peanut butter. When a careful examination of the composition of this Zero-Calorie food is taken, it is clearly seen that it is an artificial flavor; salt and an artificial sweetener all rolled into one piece. Can you see that obvious contradictions?

The confusion in the body when this food hits your Tommy is better imagined than experienced. Those that take this variant of Zero-Calorie food are simply dosing their foods with a sneaky source of sugar.


cucumberCucumber is one of the common Zero- calorie foods around today. If you desire to alter your weight in the direction that you desire, you have to consume a large quantity. Further, you have to supplement them with several other foods in other to balance up the equation of the dietary needs of your body. By doing this; you will definitely add more calories to your body system. It is an obvious counter to your aims and aspirations.


Yes, you are right by distancing yourself from the intake of regular soda. It is very obvious; it is not the best for your health. But come to think of it: Is diet soda a viable option? The answer to that is a capital no. Research carried out in this direction to determine the usefulness or otherwise of diet cola returned a damning verdict.

It has been seen from the survey that those who drink diet soda end up consuming more calories than those that take regular soda. I hope you see the wisdom in this line of argument?


What about butter sprays? A look at the ingredients clearly reveals the contradictions in this Zero-Calorie food. Consider all this:  artificial flavor enhancers and mixture of soybean oil and water with thickeners. Can that be listed as a Zero-Calorie food? Definitely not! However, it can only be considered a Zero-Calorie if you use only one spray.

Any dose above that will definitely trigger up the level of both the fat in your body as well as your calorie level. These sprays are fake tasting and they do not really deliver on promise if care is taken to look at them with the eyes of a technical expert.


Losing weight is not as easy as you think it is; it demands efforts and patience on your part. It can be clearly stated here that the so called Zero-Calorie foods will end up adding to your weight rather than bringing down your weight. The only sure bet in this category is water.

It is believed that this expose on Zero-Calorie food has gone some way to clear your mind on the concept of this category of food.


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  • April 24, 2019 at 9:34 pm

    I love peanut butter, but I am afraid of the calories. I may try the peanut spread. Thanks for sharing this!


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