50 Ways to Strengthen Relationship and Bond with Children

There must be a bond between Parent and Child. It is necessary to ensure peace on one hand; and sense of belonging on the part of the child. We published an article about things that every parent should and should not do that might help you understand how you can enhance the ability of your little ones to become independent.  Today, in this page you’ll find the 50 ways to strengthen the relationship and bond with your children :

  1. Caution – Experiment with a whole day without raising any word of caution to your child.
  2. Let your child have a feel of the kitchen – Invite your child occasionally to join you in preparing the meal. Make the atmosphere fun.
  3. Read Together – Try reading a joke book together that will make you to share laughter together.
  4. Initiate Interest in your child’s Thoughts – When your child is talking, put aside what you are doing and give him attention.
  5. Notes – Occasionally leave notes for your child. It works in a great way.
  6. Take him/her on a walk – Yes, take your ward on a walk; it increases the bond.
  7. Talk to him/her – Tell your child how much you care and love. It brings about a great sense of belonging.
  8. Music – Listen to music together. Get to the dance floor and put on the dancing shoes.
  9. Album/keepsakes – Create time to look through the family album with your child. You can as well go through keepsakes.
  10. Hugging – Create the atmosphere that will warrant you hugging your child if and when a milestone is achieved.
  11. Keep away all electronics – Occasionally put away every electronic gadget in the home to have real time together with your child.
  12. Games – You can play games together at home with your child with all telecommunication accessories off to ensure maximum concentrations.
  13. Go to a Park – Take your child to a park to do face to face things; play board games together.
  14. Let Chores wait – Yes, suspend all chores and try make a one on one time with your child
  15. Your child’s room – Go there and feel the way they arrange their room; create a discussion atmosphere there; play with them in their room.
  16. Switch roles – Make your child act the role of a parent while you put on the garb of a child. The experience will amaze you.
  17. Emotions – Accept all their emotions; keep the correcting rod; just let their emotions flow.
  18. Your child wants to know about your past – Tell your child your story from cradle.
  19. Impromptu Singer – Your child will want to hear you sing to him/her. Your voice might not be the best; your child will appreciate it.
  20. Sit and talk privately – This also works magic. Talk with your child on any topic; a no holds barred discussion.
  21. Talk over dinner – Talk about things you will do together over the weekend.
  22. Time to play – Give your child time to play outside.
  23. Cuddle under a blanket – Under the blanket; watch your favorite TV show together.
  24. Be a good listener – Listen to them when they want to express their emotions.
  25. Show them love without conditions – Yes, your child needs your unconditional love to feel a bond with you.
  26. Spend quality time together – Create enough time for togetherness with your child.
  27. Be firm – Let your child see you as a principled parent.
  28. Your rules should be fair – Your rule should not be burdensome, it should be fair.
  29. Make your rules count – Let your rules have a bearing.
  30. Do not change rules – Your rules should last the test of time.
  31. Role Model – Be a role Model; you are your child’s role Model.
  32. Appreciate your child – Show appreciation for every good deed of your child.
  33. Do not condemn – Spare those words that will condemn every little mistake of your child.
  34. Reward – Let there be a reward mechanism for your child for every good deed.
  35. Be open – you can as well learn from your child, be open to them.
  36. Patience – You need patience to connect with your child appropriately well.
  37. Understand their point of view – You have to stoop to understand your child.
  38. Give them a chance – Always give them the opportunity to explain themselves.
  39. Change – Never expects your child to change overnight; it is a gradual process.
  40. Let them struggle – Allow them to overcome their failures. Watch from the sidelines as they evolve.
  41. Be a Coach – Watch from the sidelines and constructive inputs as your child finds a bearing in life.
  42. Break down the task – Do not expect them to go all the way in doing the tasks. Break them down into bits and pieces.
  43. Help them think through – Are you heading for a trip? Your child needs help in getting all that they need for the trip.
  44. Give your child a job – It will make your child feel a sense of worth.
  45. Set a Goal – Talk to your child about his capabilities. Encourage him to set goals.
  46. Boost your child’s morale – When your child is down and lonely; prove to them through their past record of success that they are great.
  47. Give your child reassurances – Tell the child that he remains lovable even in the face of mistakes.
  48. Be honest – Even you make mistakes, be honorable to accept such and apologize to your child.
  49. Do not make threats in Anger – It is capable of destroying the bond that exists between you and your child.
  50. Encourage discussion – We are deliberately allowing this point to take the rear. Encourage discussion with your child. Create the enabling atmosphere whereby your ward can come up to you to iron out issues that are bothering on their day to day interactions with their peers; it may even be related to their experiences right under your roof.

Your child will one day become an adult; the child will one day take up leadership positions; it mandatory that a bond exists between Parent and child which will bring out the best in your child. Every parent wants his ward to succeed in life; to achieve this; Child-Parent bonding is the answer.

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