Women! Here Are 5 Ways to Apply Makeup for That Natural Look

Every woman wants that smashing look that will make heads to turn wherever they might be. Just like all human beings irrespective of sex, everybody wants to curry attention. Some people get it right with their looks while others look pitiable with their looks.

Many have gone a great length all in a bid to appear beautiful but they are not able to get results that will reflect what they really wanted. Do you want to look naturally beautiful with minimal costs? We are talking of natural beauty that will add no issues? Then you are welcome on board. This tips and tricks are all you needed to achieve great results. Here we go:


The first steps towards getting that great look of your dreams starts at this level. Before any great thing happens, there must be some level of preparation. So how do you prepare your skin for that adorable look? It is very simple; ensure that you wash your face every night. Further, every night, use makeup remover to scrub off the wall paint on your face.

After getting a clean face, it is compulsory that you moisturize using the right type of moisturizer that was made for your skin. This is necessary for those with a sensitive skin. If you have succeeded in doing that, your face needs a foundation for the makeup to hold onto; you can achieve this with a makeup primer. This will soothe your skin; excess oil will be blotted away and the application of foundation will be enhanced.


You have work to do here as well. This exercise is necessary if you want to get it right. The foundation of a structure will determine the life span of the structure; a weak foundation can never last the distance. Likewise in this issue of makeup, there is a foundation which you must take care of before apply the first stroke of your makeup on your face.

Have you wondered why a makeup looks great on A and ugly on B?  You have to even out the contours on your face. If you have a great skin, then you need to do less here, a tinted moisturizer will do the trick. If your case is one where you need a little more coverage; then apply a uniform layer of foundation across the length of your face. The beauty blender sponge will be ideal to achieve this. If you want to make do with your fingers; then it is advised that you use your pinky to achieve the desired light application.


Your target is a skin that glows and that you will achieve having followed the tips from the first step unto this level. There are no two ways about it; no magic about this stuff. Ask any lady that you are close to whose skin everybody envies, the secret behind such a skin; if she is the type that is frank, she is not tell you beyond what we have been discussing thus far. Having got this stage the next thing to do is to shimmer and highlight your face. There are several brands that you can lay your hands on to achieve desired results. Just go for the one that catches your fancy.

They come with a brush to give you great application control. All you need is a few dabs and your face will be lightened up; expertly touch all corners on your face for that great look of your dreams. Your skin will be given a beautiful sheen in the eyes of everybody.


Colors will bring out the beauty in any product. It will do the same on your skin. When you are ready to step out in the morning, take a look at the color of your face. When you wake up the second morning before getting out of bed, take a look at your face again in the mirror. Compare and contrast those looks within that space of about 20 hours. Is there any difference in colors? Of course yes, there is a glaring difference.

This narrows down to the fact that you should pay attention to the colors of your skin if you want to look really great. What you need is an eyelash curler and a coat; not more than one of mascara. It will add that color that will make you stand out to your cheek. It is recommended that you go for the liquid blush or the cream variants for a more excellent look. Your looks will perfectly blend with your natural face complexion. Admirers will see the real queen in you.


This exercise would have ended with the last tips shared above. But we desire to make the advice open and useful to everybody that comes across this article. If you have a dry skin, then there is no need for you to bother yourself going through this last tip. But there are some people with an oily skin. To be frank, if you are one, then all what we have shared will still disappoint you at the end of the day. But there is a way out; that is the reason we are concluding this tip and trick with you as our point of special focus.

For some people, their makeup keeps sliding off at the middle of day. Those with oily skin are very prone to experience this. If that is the case with you, then the solution is: set your face with a light dusting sheer powder. That is all that your face needs. Do this and forget about the embarrassment of having to worry about your makeup falling off midday.

If you desire a thing in practical terms, then you should be prepared to pay the price. If wishes were horses; then even beggars will ride. If you desire a natural glow in your skin, then follow the steps above and you will be home and dry.

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