5 Effective Pregnancy Tests

There have been recorded cases in the recent past whereby ladies get the wrong result when they undergo medical examinations to ascertain whether they are pregnant or not. Many have been declared negative and have taken that as the truth of the matter and have even gone further to announce such only to be embarrassed when reality turns against the medical report.

The question now is: How accurate is the method used in testing you for pregnancy? There are many methods today that can never guarantee accuracy in testing women for pregnancy. You deserve the most effective pregnancy test method. That is the goal of this article. 5 of the best effective pregnancy tests will be discussed and you can make your pick among any of them. They will provide you with near accurate results. Here we go:


This method ranks as the best early test of pregnancy. It is accurate and very precise. How does it work? It is easy; it is a pee on a stick test. The design of the stick comes in a curved shape and wide tip which makes it easy for ladies to use. You simply hold it to your urine stream. It will in turn precisely pick any pregnancy hormone detected in your urine. It is that simple.

The results come out in just three minutes. If only one pink line is shown, then you can be rest assured that you are not pregnant. On the contrary, if the pink line is two, it is a sure confirmation that you are actually pregnant. In addition, if a faint line is shown, the interpretation is positive!

FRER is the best. It has the capacity to predict accurately your status five days before your menstrual period. The best results are gotten if taken early in the morning- a time when pregnancy hormones are very active in the urine.


This method is reputed to be the best online cheapie test. It is very cheap but its results have gone a long way to show that it is one test that can be relied upon going by its degree of accuracy. How does it work? The designers are not concerned about flashy designs. The strips are nothing to write home about if fashion is the yardstick; but then, you are after results and it clearly produces that, so you are safe with this test.

The sticks are more like litmus paper. Pee into a cup and dip the stick into the cup of your urine. Next, you have to exercise patience for a period not more than five minutes to determine the results. Just like the method earlier discussed, two strips or a faint line is a positive verdict- it confirms your pregnancy; a strip is a signal that you are not pregnant. It can detect pregnancy one day after a missed period.


This form of test can also be heavily relied upon by ladies who want to detect weather they are pregnant or not. It has one clear advantage above some pregnancy tests around today. Some of these tests are good and they provide the best results, but analyzing some of those results throws up some issues! This is where this test beats some of the other equally good tests because it is easy to read.

The requirement for this test is, Pee on the wide absorbent tip and then wait for the results. During your three minutes wait for results, a progress bar is displayed on the screen indicating that your test is in progress. At the end, the result as displayed will be either of: pregnant or not pregnant- it is that very direct; hence it is referred to as the easiest pregnancy test. If you take it four days before your expected period, you will get a clear result- you will get 51% accuracy then.


This version of test can be described with mincing words as the better of the last two discussed above, it is a hybrid of the two put together. It is a combination of the best online cheapie pregnancy test and in the same token, it is easy to read.

How does it work? Use it in the same way as others; a screen displays the results of your pregnancy test. If you are pregnant, you have displayed on the screen: yes+. If you are not pregnant, the result displayed is yes-. It is as simple as that.

The degree of accuracy varies depending on the closeness of time to your menstrual period. If you take it 5 days before your menstrual period, the degree of accuracy is 60%. But if you desire a 99% degree of accuracy, then you have to take it a day to your menstrual period.


This can also be classified as one of the cheapie pregnancy test around today, it is however very reliable. How can you go about the test? It is simple. Collect the Pee in a cup and with the aid of the dropper that comes with the kit, add several drops of your urine to some specific areas of the test.

Two lines will appear only if you are pregnant. With only one line, it is an indication that you are not pregnant. What is the degree of its accuracy? This test is rated highest in terms of the degree of accuracy. It is put at a neat 99% degree of accuracy. The time whereby this can be achieved prior to the menstrual period is however not stated. The sensitivity of this test is very high.


Those five is our take for the best 5 effective pregnancy tests that are available for now. They are all sure bets and will not in any way give you contrary results that will upset or embarrass you; no hype is intended here.

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