40 Fashion And Styling Tips To Ensure A Memorable Wedding Day

Your wedding day is a special day. You must appear as trendy as fashion will allow albeit, in a decent way. Here are some tips that will make that day great.

To start with, you have to consider your beauty regime that will bring out the best of you on your day. Here are some tips:

  1. Laser Hair Removal – It is strongly recommended that you start treatment six to nine months before your wedding date. It will give the perfect hair that will not be stubbly or prickly on your wedding day.
  2. Teeth Whitening – You need a sparkling white teeth for your wedding. Go for a professional teeth whitening; it will enable that sparkling white teeth for your photographs.
  3. Highlights – No matter the color of your hair; brightening the color of your hair will make a big difference; it is advised that brides should pay a visit to the colorist at least a week before D-day.
  4. Lash Extensions – One of the ways to take your bridal beauty look to the next level is lash extensions; they are thicker and longer; above all, they look quite natural.
  5. Gel Mani – A gel Mani will add the needed glow to your engagement ring. It will last for at two to weeks.

The type of wedding you desire will determine your wedding dress. Here are some tips aimed at giving you the perfect dress for your type of wedding:

  1. Research – You has to do some research here. Go through the pages of magazines to find that ideal dress that will make your day.
  2. Open Mindedness – You have to be open to other choices. Your initial take may not be the one you will pick at the end of the day.
  3. Bridal Sizing – When you lay your hands on your dream gown and it one or more sizes higher, what you simply do is go for bridal sizing.
  4. Non-obvious costs –  This must be planned into your budget; if you have a budget of $2000 dollars for your gown, then you should spend less so as to accommodate bridal sizing.
  5. Get a good Bridal Salon – There are pretenders nowadays, so be diligent when choosing your salon, make findings to ensure that they are the best around.
  6. Get a Consultant – The dresses in the saloon are not displayed in such way for you to browse and put them on for size; you need a consultant to help you pick your perfect pick.
  7. Start with the inexpensive – Yes; start from the inexpensive and work your way up from there. That way, you are safe, budget wise.
  8. Shopping on Weekdays – It is observed that Bridal Saloons are packed full at the weekends; you are well of if you avoid that crowd; shop on weekdays.
  9. Choice of Crew – This must be narrowed down to people that are dear to you, people whose opinions can be managed easily; they should not be more than 2-3 at most.
  10. Undergarments – Care must be taken in the choice of your undergarment. It must not be an issue when you put on your wedding gown.
  11. Your Silhouette – This should be determined by what flatters your body most and partly on the style you like and the mood of your wedding.
  12. Less Traditional lengths – This is ideal for a rustic; or beachy wedding, they can be a fun way to bring your personality to your big-day.
  13. Attention to Fabric – A well structured material will hold its shape and smooth your figure.
  14. Wear Heels to the Appointment – Bring along the equivalent height of shoes you will wear on your wedding day to the saloon; you are better served.
  15. Scene-Setting photos – Bring these photos to the appointment so that your consultant will pull through easily what will be appropriate for the location.
  16. Embellishments – Handwork adds more style to your gown. It comes at an extra cost. Figure that out and add it to your budget.
  17. Your Size –  If you are a plus size, then call ahead to avoid disappointment of not finding your size.
  18. Celebrity styles – You can take inspiration from them.
  19. Be Yourself – You want to please yourself on that day; therefore be original.
  20. Non-White Gown – You can be unique. Survey shows that 14% of brides wear it.
  21. Saloons – Their options vary; target quite a number of them that are within your budget.
  22. Be convinced – Yes means a seal to your plans. Be 100% sure before giving your consent.
  23. Resist Pressure from salesmen – The salespersons are after sales, walk away if you are not satisfied. Resist pressure from them.
  24. Your Order – Place this early at least four clear months ahead of D-day to avoid rush.
  25. Your Measurements – Allow the professionals take your measurements even if you are ordering online.
  26. Size – Let the size of your gown be a little bit on the high side; you might need some little adjustments.
  27. Test your Gown – Yes; test them on before your D-day to ensure that you can move freely with them.
  28. Be sure you love it – Before you part with your cash, be doubly sure you love the dress.
  29. Destination Bridal Shop – If your take is on this type of shop, you have to book early. These stores have some of the most knowlegible consultants around.
  30. Keep the Season in Mind – You definitely want a friendly weather; let the fabric of your wedding dress be in agreement with the envisaged season.
  31. You are in charge – If after all the advice given here, you are not convinced; throw them away and follow your mind.
  32. Do not re-design Your Gown – A good Seamstress can do small updates; no more no less!
  33. Keep It Away – Find a way of keeping the dress away; a relative or trusted friend can do this for you.
  34. Online shopping – The market is global. You can do your shopping right from the comfort of your room. You only have to take cue from what we have discussed thus far.
  35. Take it Easy – After all has been said and done, you are in possession of your dream gown, stop shopping and stop looking; to do otherwise will only get you nuts.

Wish you the BEST on your Wedding Day! Cheers!

– By Sunday Ajewole

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