25 Healthy Recipes To Keep You Fit At All Times

Many, today, are struggling to keep fit and be in top shape. Some have gone the extra mile by indulging in exercise to help them maintain the shape of their dreams. It is a pity that quite many people during the course of these workouts, fall victim of fatigue.

Some of these workouts are cardio while some others are raw strength training. You need to eat foods that will keep you energized all through so that these workouts will not turn out to be counterproductive. To maintain the needed balance, you need to create a meal plan that will keep you in top shape at all times. 25 of such things to eat have been carefully selected for your holistic well being at all times.

1. Cayenne Pepper

cayenne pepperHalf a teaspoon can boost metabolism and has the capacity to make the body to burn 10 extra calories on its own. Spice your food twice a day with it for a month; results will marvel you.

2. Avocado

When it is eaten in moderation, it has the proven capacity to suppress appetite. It is full of fiber and heart healthy fat.

3. Ginger

gingerThis root has been around for centuries and it is noted for its magnificent digestive powers. It is a stimulant and it energizes the body and improves digestion.

4. Coffee

coffeeThe amount to be taken should be moderate so as to boost your body’s metabolic activities and suppress your appetite. One word of caution though, do not over indulge sugar and cream.

5. Almonds

almondsThey can help with weight management and increase feelings of fullness in people according to the study presented at the 2006 Obesity Society Annual Scientific Meeting. It is a healthy snack. Almonds are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and magnesium.

6. Umeboshi

umeboshiMost issues of obesity are related to cravings for something sweet. You can moderate this unhealthy habit with a spice of something sour. Umeboshi is fantastic for squashing your sugar cravings.

7. Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoesThey are full of vitamin A and vitamin C! It contains a special type of starch that resists digestive enzymes, making them stay longer in your stomach thereby keeping you full.

8. Water

glass of waterThis is also a very powerful tool in taming your cravings for food. A glass of water or two can do that magic; it has been scientifically proved.

9. Eggs

eggsAn egg or two for breakfast can keep you full for well over 24hours. In addition, your body will ingest fewer calories. Studies have proven the authenticity of this study.

10. Apples

applesIt regulates your glucose and boosts your energy level; requires lots of chewing time; they contain soluble fiber and pectin. Added to all these, they have a sweet taste. Ensure that you eat all the flesh.

11. Green Tea

green tea

It has been proven that it helps to put mindless snacking into check. It contains catechins which prevent storing of high insulin in the body, subsequently, it prevents fat storage. If your blood sugar is stable, so is your hunger. Image Source : Freepik

12. Wasabi

wasabiIt is a spicy green stuff which has the ability to suppress your hunger. It also has natural anti-inflammatory tendencies. It is a natural green with no visible side effects; it has the capacity to keep you in great shape.

13. Tofu

tofuThis should not be left to vegetarians alone. It is a rich source of protein. Tofu has the ability to suppress appetite and lower food intake. Experiment with it today by adding it to your next healthy stir-fry.

14. Dark Chocolate

dark chocolateThe craving for chocolate is the reason many have challenges with their health. If you fall into this category, then try this variant with at least 70% cocoa making up the mixture; the taste is bitter and will bring the necessary check and balance. The steric acid in it helps slow digestion.

15. Vegetable Soup

soupA bowl of this soup will fill you up quickly thereby suppressing your hunger with minimal calories introduced into your system.

16. Cinnamon

cinnamonThis is a very good ground spice. If you are having your cereal or even coffee, experiment by spicing it with Cinnamon; the taste is welcome and it has the capacity to lower the blood sugar level; that done, your appetite is put under control.

17. Salmon

salmonThey are high in omega 3 fatty acids. The intake of salmon makes the body increase amount of hormone leptin the system. This known to suppress hunger and your system is the best for that. If you don’t like the taste of Salmon; then tuna and herring are viable alternatives.

18. Green Leafy Vegetables

It is a highly nutritious food that will fill you up for hours. It can be eaten raw or gently sautéed with tiny olive oil. The taste is delicious and it will keep hunger at bay.

19. Vegetable Juice

vegetable juiceIt has been proven with results that when you take vegetable juice, you become readily filled up. Try this, drink a glass of vegetable juice before a meal; you will end up eating 135 fewer calories.

20. Oatmeal

oatmealYes it rich in carbs; there is no disputing that fact. But wait a minute, the type of carb it contains are the ones that will make you feel full hours after breakfast.

21. Whey Protein

Though protein is known to suppress appetite; this variant does it far above all others. Research points in the direction that Whey protein is the best among its kind; it will do you great good if you can tap on this.

22. Salad

saladIt takes 20 minutes for the signal that you are full from the stomach to get to your brain; there is therefore wisdom in starting your meal with salad so as to fast tract the signal.

23. Flax Seeds

flax seedsIt may be or ground, in whatever variant, it helps by keeping you satiated and full. It is the nutritional mix of soluble fiber and essential fatty acids good for your wellbeing.

24. Skim Milk

Studies have proved that this drink is worthy to be numbered here. Women you crave for junk during menstrual period are advised to take a glass of Skim Milk about two weeks to their menstrual circle; such unhealthy cravings are decreased if they take to this advice.

25. Hot Sauce

It is best when hot. In fact; the higher the temperature; the greater the effect it has at suppressing your appetite.

That is our take on the 25 healthy recipes to keep you fit at all times.

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