If you have been doing these 20 things to your skin, it’s time to stop!

The majority of us have a skincare schedule that we stick to out of habit — it’s more about the same steps that you follow each day without thinking for even a minute. But, imagine a scenario where you are repeating the wrong steps without realizing it? Here are 20 things that we all might have been doing wrong in your skincare regime and are probably guilty of.

#1 You are Not Cleansing your Face Properly

You might be tenacious in removing makeup, yet would you say you are utilizing the right products to return your skin to its ideal condition for overnight rejuvenation? Search for a skin care product that contains the right ingredients as per your skin type. Anti-oxidants for assurance against premature aging and damage, salicylic acid to clear and unclog your pores, and witch hazel that does wonders as a characteristic astringent, are few of the ingredients to look out for in your face wash and face cleanser. If you have sensitive skin, avoid face wash and face cleansers with alcohol, parabens and strong fragrance. Choose skin care products that heal, hydrate, and nourish.

#2 You are Over Exfoliating

It’s enticing; however, exceedingly harming in the long haul to buff away your top skin layer. You’re really expelling the defensive layers that your skin needs. Over exfoliation can leave your skin exposed to ecological pollutants, dust, and grime and UVA/UVB damage, bringing about pre-maturing, age spots, sun burns, damaged skin and more. Exfoliate every alternate day using a chemical-free and natural face scrub. Carefully choose face scrubs that contain natural micro-beads that remove dead skin cells, but will not dry out your skin. Ensure it has nourishing and hydrating ingredients that leaves your skin healthy, glowing and oxygenated.

#3 Exfoliating Oil from your skin

This is unrealistic, as per experts. Individuals feel that if they exfoliate using various cleansers, they’ll dispense with issues of oily skin, but what they are unaware of is that when your skin is over-scoured, the oil production accelerates on the grounds that skin’s natural repair system is put into overdrive. Again, exfoliating few times a week is adequate.

#4 Forgetting to Wear Sunscreen Every Day

It’s not only for the beach or when outdoors: The best insurance against skin ageing is a decent sunscreen cream and lotion. Wear it consistently, and search for one that has a minimum SPF of 30 or higher, as per dermatologists. It should offer complete coverage, which implies that it should shield you from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, known to cause skin photo-aging. Skin specialists encourage the application of a good and chemical-free sunblock, every 4 hours, over all exposed areas of the body for complete protection.

#5 Picking At Your Skin

The vast majority of us know we shouldn’t do this; however, loads of us do it anyway. Whenever you pick at your skin, you are bringing on more harm and causing aggravation, scars and wrinkles. So, if you have been picking at your skin off late, stop it immediately.

#6 Popping those tempting Pimples

We know you’ll do it often, yet it’s still a terrible thought for your skin in general. When a dermatologist pops and drains a pimple, they apply downward pressure, but when we attempt to do it without anyone’s help, we press from the side which ends up causing more harm as it causes contamination to go deeper and more profoundly into the pore. That said, if you really want to get rid of a pimple, washing your face with a perfect antiseptic face wash is advisable. Once the pimple is ready to be popped, disinfect the area around the pimple first and wash hands. Using downward pressure, press lightly on the sides of the pimple, and that is all the pressure needed to drain it.

#7 Utilizing Dirty Makeup Brushes

dirty makeup brush

Yes, it does more harm to your skin than you might suspect. Put resources into a proper makeup brush cleaner. Using branded Daily Brush Cleaners is the way forward. Keeping your brushes clean each day will guarantee no dirt and old cosmetics buildup will affect your skin.

#8 Applying Products the wrong order

One of the key ways to augmenting the advantages of the skin care products in your daily skin care regimen is to apply creams of thinner consistency first, before the thicker, creamier ones — regardless of what their dynamic ingredients are. Skin care products with heavier textures can prevent lighter ones from infiltrating the skin and doing their job.

#9 Over-Using All of Your Skin Care Products

skincare products

Much the same as over-scouring or over-exfoliating, over-utilizing your skin care products compromises your skin’s natural defensive moisture and oils. According to expert estheticians it isn’t important to rinse in the morning and the night. The night scrub is significant in expelling pollutants, dirt, oil and cosmetics, yet during sleep, the oils that your skin produces are balancing, hydrating and nourishing, so they shouldn’t be washed away in the morning. It is recommend buffing skin with a wet cotton ball in the morning, rather than using face wash or face cleanser.

HealthPrash recommends using cotton balls soaked in Rose water to buff your skin every morning instead of using chemical laden face scrubs and face washes.

#10 Stacking Your Skin with Products at Night

Toning it down would be best. After an ordinary cleansing schedule, applying a few distinct serums for an assortment of skin concerns isn’t powerful in any way. Up to 0.3% of the power of any topical product is actually absorbed by the skin so the more you use, the less powerful each product is. If you have various skin needs, keep alternating your serums.

#11 Sleeping with Your Makeup On

You can be pardoned for that one drunken night, yet it can’t be made a habit. Non-removal of your cosmetics for the night clogs your oil glands and pores. When cosmetics start to affect your pores, it makes them look bigger. Once your collagen levels decrease, the pore won’t snap back as effortlessly, once it has been enlarged. Plus, it prompts irritation.

#12 Sleeping on Cotton Pillowcase

For best results, change your pillowcases to silk as it minimizes wrinkles and appearance of fine lines. Constantly squeezing your face into a pillowcase causes injury to the skin. After some time, this injury caused by the friction of cotton can bring about perpetual wrinkles as our collagen breaks down.

#13 Sleeping With Your Hair open at Night

Numerous individuals experience breakouts on the temple areas, forehead and face perimeter because of the oil and hair care items that they utilize — particularly those with bangs or long hair. Pull your hair off your face and tie it up and clip those bangs back before going to bed.

#14 Not Washing Your Sheets and Pillowcases Frequently Enough

Pillowcases comprise of a buildup of dead skin cells, makeup residue, sweat, and scalp oil that can obstruct your pores over time. You ought to change your pillowcases once a week or progressively in case you are more prone to skin inflammation and pimples. Wash them in high-temperature water to remove all dust, germs, dirt and residues that can cause concerns and skin allergies.

#15 Not Getting Adequate Sleep

Getting a decent night’s rest helps your skin rejuvenate and look awesome. When the skin is not getting its ideal rest, it becomes dull and pale and you start developing those ugly under-eye dark circles. An absence of rest can be stressful to the point that it can affect our bodies — including our skin — by creating free radicals.

#16 Drying Out Your Skin

Our skin does break out according to dermatologists. Individuals with skin inflammation or the incidental pimple think they have to dry out their skin, and hence, pick skin care and beauty products that are excessively brutal — which can create additional aggravation than the breakout itself. It is recommended to search for a treatment that calms the skin, while it focuses on your skin concern, and complete the skin care regime with a hydrating moisturizer.

#17 Having a Bad Diet

We are all aware that what is useful for the heart is useful for the skin. Hence, most experts prescribe a healthy serving of a colourful plate salad. Ensure they are a cluster of red cabbages, green lettuce, chick peas and so on. Eat veggies that have a ton of colours. Nature colour codes them for us. Colors are what you should eat, as much as possible.

#18 Avoiding Moisturizer for Oily Skin

Irrespective of your skin type, it’s fundamental that you moisturize daily and apply a heavier cream around the evenings. It’s a typical confusion that those with oily skin should dodge moisturizers. Indeed, it’s essential that oily skin too, gets adequate moisture in light of the fact that without it, your skin will overcompensate for the loss of hydration with more oil, prompting breakouts and an uneven complexion. Take note that moisturizing adds water to the skin, not oil.

#19 Taking Showers that are too hot

It’s enticing…indeed…however hazardous it be for your skin. Hot showers can strip your skin of crucial moisture and natural oils. HealthPrash prescribes taking lukewarm, not hot showers. It cleans and helps retain natural oils and body moisture.

#20 Unaware of ingredients you are using on your skin

When would you be able to ever really appreciate extraordinary skin if you don’t self-educate about what you are putting on it? Read the label carefully, go through all ingredients printed on it and get more information about what you are applying on your skin. Keep in mind — the price tag doesn’t always decide the quality of the skin care product.

We hope you take a gander at all of the aforementioned points and take serious steps toward caring for your skin and using the right skin care and beauty products that works best for you.

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