20 Makeup Tips and Tricks That Every Girl Should Learn

For all the ladies looking for easy and simple everyday makeup tips, HealthPrash has assembled 20 everyday makeup tips and tricks that you were unaware of. We have tons of pictures, makeup tutorials, and makeup ideas at your disposal, which we shall share from time to time at our site. We shall be sharing makeup tips on how to look natural, how to cover imperfections, how to apply makeup easier and quicker, and what would work best for your type of skin, eye color, and face shape.

There’s always scope for learning various makeup and beauty tricks – and we know that it can be overpowering at times. Whether you are a pro at getting that perfect smoky eye makeup or a novice who is still struggling with applying foundation, our 20 makeup tips and tricks are absolutely the key to help you get it right, every single time.

1. How to prevent cakey and unnatural foundation

Does your foundation look unnatural and cakey? To get a fresh-looking face and flawless complexion using a foundation, experts have a nifty trick to share with you: Dab foundation all over your face and ensure that it covers the entire face evenly. Then, use a tissue to wipe off any excess foundation from your cheeks. This allows you to layer your blush on without the fake effect. It enlivens your cheeks and adds genuineness to your skin for that natural look.

2. Working on your lashes

eye mascara

If you are blessed with naturally lush and long lashes, you won’t need heavy eye makeup to stand out. To achieve a desirable look, celebrity makeup artists suggest that your mascara is just a month-old; fresh mascara glides easier and won’t cake. Apply mascara at the base of your lashes and sweep the brush outward and upward.  This trick helps you achieve thickness at the base of the lashes, which tapers naturally to the ends, as opposed to thick and flakey ends.

3. Mastering the Blush

blush for makeup

Mastering a multi-purpose makeup product will not only lend a pretty face, but help save time and money. Every woman should have the fuchsia and rosy cheek color that she can apply on her cheeks and lips as well. Whether you’re dark or fair complexioned, experts suggest that pink works beautifully on every woman. Pick an opaque and creamy pink with a hint of gold to highlight the cheeks. Blend some moisturizer with it and apply onto your cheeks for that perfect blush.

4. Covering those intimidating under-eye dark circles

dark circle

Dark circles can make you look exhausted. To get a wide-wakeful look, use this tip from makeup experts; Dab the under-eye skin area with a hydrating, quick retaining eye cream, which will allow makeup to set on easily. Apply a corrector to cover the purple or green tones in the skin, and then use a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than the foundation. Lastly, set the under-eye area with a light yellow translucent powder to help it last longer and avoid wrinkles.

5. How to get that famous pout

There’s nothing more alluring than a woman with an intense red pout. A hot, red lip is a crucial part of each young lady’s secret stash, according to New-York based Makeup Artists. Begin with a sharp lip liner, in the same color as your chosen lipstick. As you apply, grin a little so the lips are tight and the liner glides on effortlessly. Fill in the lips utilizing the side of the liner, then take a lip brush and apply the lipstick for accuracy. In case you commit an error, take a little concealer on a brush and cover it up.

6. How to use a liquid liner

Liquid liner is one of the trickiest items to ace, yet once you master the correct way to do it, you can create chic eye makeup, in a blaze. A simple approach to try out liquid liner is to first utilize a beige eyeliner pencil to daintily follow a line just over your upper lash-line. This trick gives you a chance to ensure the lines are even and exact before applying the liquid liner, specifically on top of the “practice” line.

7. Get Those Perfect Cheekbones

You don’t need to be gifted with those perfect high cheekbones when you can simply fake it with this chiseling tip from famous makeup artists: Sweep a sheer glowing powder along the highest point of your cheekbones and just below your temples. Next, locate the hollows of your cheeks and dust a nude color blush onto the sunken parts, just under the cheekbone. Smile and apply a peachy colored blush utilizing circular movements, beginning at the apple of the cheek and gradually make larger circles using a soft bristled brush. And Voila! You get those much-wanted high cheekbones!

8. Perfecting those smoky eyes

eye shadows

To score a celebrity red-carpet smoky eye, famous makeup artists suggest starting by covering the inward edge of your lower lash-lines, working the eyeliner into the lashes. Close your eyes and line the upper lash-lines, pushing the liner into the lashes to remove any gap between your lashes and the line. Utilize your fingertips to smear it on, then sweep up some eye-shadow over your eyelids and upward into your creases. Blend outwards and upwards towards, but not to, your temples.

9. Creating those bold eyebrows

An intense eyebrow is a simple approach to create an eye-catching look. Brush your eyebrows with a slightly angled spoolie brush or a clean mascara wand to check how they lay naturally. Utilizing a delicate, marginally waxy eyebrow pencil, and shape the eyebrows by utilizing the more slender side of the tip. Take the compliment edge of the pencil and fill in the eyebrows utilizing short strokes that look like hair. Wrap up by mixing a shimmery highlighter just beneath the bone of the eyebrow to add brilliance and lift.

10. Using a Highlighter accurately

For multi-dimensional skin that is neither excessively matte nor excessively dewy, celebrity makeup artists apply highlighter before they dab on the foundation. They like the sparkle to look more characteristic, from within. With a full-coverage foundation, it can look somewhat dull or matte as the day advances. Applying the highlighter underneath gives that shine. Whip out your most loved highlighter, which is skin-friendly and devoid of unwanted additives, and illuminate, then run in with the foundation for full coverage that adds radiance.

11. Get that natural bronze radiance

A solid bronze radiance is always in style, regardless of the season. To abstain from looking too garish, Celebrity makeup artists suggest sweeping a bronzer on your temples, strategically, at the edges of the face, and directly under the cheekbones in a “C” shape. Keep the bronze color far from the focal point of your face – excess bronzer on the centre of the face can make you look older.

12. Light eye-makeup

At times, we look somewhat drained out every so often, which is the reason it’s basic to utilize light eye makeup shades further to your advantage. A shimmery white or pale beige pencil lights up the whole eye region when utilized on the water line, and you can make it a stride further by adding the same shade to the external corner of the eye between the upper and lower lashes – it opens up the eyes and makes them look more almond molded. This is one of the celebrity eye makeup tricks. Lastly, use a pale shimmery shadow under the base lashes to brighten the eyes. Avoid using mascara on the base lashes, as it can cast a shadow, making your eyes look weary.

13. Using an Eyelash Curler

An eyelash curler is your closest companion. Makeup artists swear by lash curlers as the way to making your eyes pop. Make sure to pick one that makes a wonderful upward twist, that dramatically defines your eyelashes, and with a fragile pumping movement, move from the base of the lash, upward, for greatest results. And twist before applying mascara, not afterward. Whenever exposed, the eyelashes are suppler so the creasing of the lash doesn’t experience any damaging effect.

14. Color-coordinate your cheeks with lips

Color-coordinating your lips with your cheeks make a uniform look that seems natural, regardless of what shade you pick. Runway makeup artists go so far as to utilize a lip colored pencil as blush for splendidly matched features. Take a thick lip colored pencil, similar to a deep wine shade one, and scribble it on the back of your hand as you would a paint palette. Then, simply use your finger and mix it into your cheeks. The matched effect has never looked so natural – or even looked so great!

15. Get that Glitter right

Every young lady adores glitter; however, once you hit a particular age, it can be difficult to discover a method for wearing it, which looks proper. We have a trick for you: Keep the glitter limited to the center of the eye, and utilize a matte shade on whatever remains of the eyelid as a periphery. It’s actually just at the center, inside the chestnut eye shadow so it doesn’t assume control over the eye – you simply get a clue of it when the eyes open. Skip shimmers on the brow-bone and corners of the eyes, where they can look excessively intense.

16. Use a Dark-shade concealer for under-eye pain areas

Use what you learned in secondary school Arts & Crafts class, and adjust it to suit your makeup needs. In case color hypothesis wasn’t your thing, no issue – we have you secured. Celebrity makeup experts offer an astounding trick that includes utilizing a darker concealer to cover up under-eye puffiness and patches. A darker color will break something, or make something seem profound and smaller. Darker colors create a chimera of pulling the puffiness back, making it look even with the remaining areas of your skin. If you use a very light concealer to cover up under eye puffiness, it will attract attention to that area and make it emerge even more, which you would want to avoid.

17. Apply Foundation using fingers

While applying a foundation, ensure that it needs look smooth and well-blended on your skin. To achieve an even coverage, brushes may not be apt. In fact, makeup artists depend on their fingers to take care of business. They generally apply the foundation to your skin with their fingers, as though it is lotion – this allows them to spread it evenly onto your skin without making your skin look cakey or streaky.

Brushes have their advantages; however, it’s generally best to complete the job by pressing your fingers into your face. The heat from your hands warms up the foundation, making it less demanding to mix and gives a smoother, more characteristic completion. Whatever you do, don’t utilize a makeup wipe on a water-based foundation. It soaks up the foundation and doesn’t allow it to spread well.

18. Highlight those lips

lip gloss

For reflexive, three-dimensional lips without the stick component of sparkle, try this celebrity makeup trick that’ll knock your socks off. As per celebrity makeup artists, utilize a marginally moist Q-tip to dab some shimmer in yellow, white, or gold on the center of the lips, toward the inside, to give it a wet, sparkly look without really utilizing a lip gloss.

19. Use foundation with moisturizer

We’ve known about blending lotion with foundation for lighter and smoother coverage, yet here’s one interpretation of the trick that we’re adapting to use daily: According to Cosmetic dermatologists, add two drops of argan oil to any foundation just before applying, blending the oil with the shade to mix the two well. The oil finish levels out light reflectance from the skin, so it’s useful for events wherein you’ll be captured on camera.

20. Use red lip stain to create an illusion of whiter teeth

In case you want whiter teeth without experiencing a whitening treatment, Hollywood stylists and makeup artists rely on a red lip stain, but not to be used on the lips. In case you are pressed for time to whiten their teeth, but need an instant solution for a sparkling white smile, use a red lip stain on the gum line. This will instantly create an illusion of whiter teeth without any effort.

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