15 Home Remedies for Treating Skin Pigmentation in Pregnancy

The skin of pregnant women is not the same the world over. The treatment that works for one may not yield the same result for the other. Bearing that in mind; an attempt will be made in this article to give a general routine treatment for all pregnant women with skin pigmentation problems; then in the concluding part of this article, we shall dwell on some specifics.

What is skin pigmentation?

This is the darkening of the natural color of the skin. One of the conditions that cause this is pregnancy. A pregnant woman cannot go for high end beauty treatment during pregnancy; hence the essence of this article where we shall look at simple natural steps that any pregnant woman can take to treat pigmentation.

What are the causes of skin pigmentation?

The following are the causes of pigmentation during pregnancy

  • Prolonged regular exposure to sunlight during pregnancy
  • Depression during pregnancy
  • Women who are experiencing their first pregnancy

15 Natural Remedies for Treatment of Skin Pigmentation during Pregnancy

The treatment for this skin disorder is explained in some clear details below. Enjoy.

  1. Aloe gel – It has been medically proved that Aloe gel has magical properties which helps to lighten any dark spots. Apply it on the affected parts of the skin for about 20 minutes; wash away using warm water and you are done! Repeat as a daily routine for immediate results
  2. Milk and Cream – Lactic acid is a natural skin bleaching agent that treats discoloration effectively and protects the skin from impurities as well. This is considered as one of the most effective natural treatments for pigmentation. Milk and Cream contain this acid. Apply the mixture on the affected parts on the skin, positive results will follow.
  3. Tomato or cucumber juice – When the combinations of this is applied to the affected parts on the skin, the issue of pigmentation eases away very smoothly without any discomfort whatsoever to the skin. It is applicable to all skin types; its application gives a soothing relief to your skin.
  4. Potatoes – This has the curing potential for a whole lot of skin pigmentation issues. The chemical makeup of potato makes it a superb skin lightening agent; therefore making it one of the superb treatments for pigmentation in pregnant women.
  5. Mixture of Almond and Honey – Mix this two into a paste. Then go ahead and apply the paste on the affected parts on your skin. Wait for between 15-20 minutes for maximum effect; then wash away using warm water. Repeat for some days, the results on your skin will definitely make you happy.
  6. Yogurt – Yes Yogurt. It may surprise you, but the reality is that this drink is one of the very good treatments for pigmentation. It is rich in lactic acid and it has bleaching properties that suppresses melanin production; it therefore has the capacity to cure hyper-pigmented skin. A simple application to the affected parts on the skin will do the trick.
  7. Turmeric – The use of Turmeric is very popular in India because of its ability to improve skin complexion by building melanin and the ability to maintain even skin tone. Simply rub the past on the affected parts and wash with warm water after about 10 minutes, the results will definitely show afterwards.
  8. Lemon Juice – This has natural acidic properties that in turn act as a bleaching agent on the skin. It will enhance blood circulation and your skin will tone when you apply it to the affected parts on your skin. There is caution here, if you have a delicate skin, then please dilute the juice with water before application on your skin.
  9. Cucumber – It has soothing and skin lightening properties that make it a very good cure for pigmentation. Any pregnant woman can use this irrespective of skin pigmentation. The high water content of cucumber is a big plus; it hydrates and lightens pigmented skins.
  10. Natural Oils – It is also recommended here that the pregnant woman can use the combination of lemon based essential oils in addition to nourishing essential oils to cure all issues relating to pigmentation of the skin. Just massage it very gently on your skin; the result will bring smiles on to cheeks.
  11. Honey – Honey has been widely acclaimed for its healing potentials. If the pregnant woman mixes it with milk; its application on the skin helps in peeling off dull dry skin replacing them with new, younger and brighter skin.
  12. Cacao Beans Extract – The extract from the cocoa bean is creamy; it has the ability to add moisture to your skin and the added ability to reduce melanin issues in pregnant women, reminder it was stated earlier on that melanin is the major cause of pigmentation in pregnant women. Simply apply this extract on the affected parts, the results will show on your skin.
  13. Sandalwood – Mix a tablespoon of apple cider with Sandalwood properly so that the two are evenly mixed. Apply this to the affected parts on your skin. It will yield results because it has the proven ability for effective treatment of blemishes and dark patches on your skin.
  14. Oatmeal – This can be used to treat extreme cases of pigmentation in pregnant women. For women with dry skin, then blend Oatmeal with a few tablespoon of milk; if the pregnant woman has an oily skin, then it should be blended with yogurt.
  15. Sour Milk – This is a top of the line treatment for pigmentation in pregnant women. When it is applied to the affected parts on the face; it exfoliates all the lifeless skin cells on your skin. The authentic beauty of your skin is therefore brought to bear; your skin will glow like never before.


All the treatment methods mentioned above are all effective. But the word of advice here is patience. Results may not show immediately; with a little patience and continuous application, the results will finally show. There is a solution for every pigmentation worry in pregnant women.

Application is based on the nature of your skin. For oily skins; just carefully go through the methods discussed here and apply the one that suites your skin; ditto for pregnant women that has dry skin.

Your face can glow all through pregnancy and afterwards; the solutions are as proffered in this article.

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