15 Effective Home Remedies for Headache

Have you seen someday (maybe a neighbor/close relative; your spouse or child) battle with serious headache? What they pass through in times like that is better imagined than experienced. At HealthPrash, we have gone into some research (inclusive enough) aimed at finding sure solutions to issues relating to headache. We have picked on 15 top remedies; they are the best solutions around for now. Enjoy


cup of tea for headacheA cup of tea goes beyond giving you that relaxation you so much craved for. Go for a cup of tea that is gotten from herbs such as: peppermint or willow bark, chamomile or green tea. They contain properties that will help cure the headache.

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cherries for headache treatmentDo you know that cherries contain Quercetin? It is a powerful antioxidant which has strong inflammatory properties capable of giving relief from that disturbing headache. Get to eat cheery or go for the juice if you are experiencing headache; you will sure get reprieve.


apples as headache remedyThere is truth in the saying that an Apple a day keeps the doctor away. It can be used to fight headache by restoring the acid alkaline of the body system. When you have a bout of headache, eat an apple sprinkled with salt for relief.


This is also a sure bet for the relief of headache. It works through the principle of detoxing bromide from the body. This is one sure bet to relief yourself of unwarranted migraine or headache.


apples cider vinegarGo some length here by mixing a cup of apple cider vinegar in half cup of water. Now, boil the mixture in a saucepan with the lid firmly in place. Now remove the heat; while the steam is still on, get a covering over yourself to inhale part of the steam. You will get relief.


basil for headache reliefIt is a strong scented herb and one of the best natural remedies for the relief of headache. It contains several other analgesic properties. Put 3-4 leaves in a cup and allow it to simmer; you can spice with honey for taste. It brings sure relief from headaches caused by tension and tight muscles.


cloves as headache home remedyIt has cooling and pain relieving properties; hence our pick on it as one of the ways through which help comes in the event of a headache. What to do is: Crush a few cloves gently and put them in a clean handkerchief or in a sachet and bring it close to your nose to inhale the smell of it. If you have headache and you try this method, you will get desired relief.


Some of the cases of headache issues today are caused by stress. When someone attempts to give in more than the capacity either mentally or physical, there is the tendency that issues relating to stress induced headache will take the center stage. You can get relief from a pack of ice packs by applying it to the back of the neck. It will bring in desired relief.


A few basic exercise steps aimed at stretching your neck and head region will bring some measure of relief from headache. Move your chin slowly in various directions and bend your neck sideways towards your shoulders. In addition, try rotating your neck sideways in all directions to relax the shoulder and neck muscles.


thyme for head pain cureThis is also a sure remedy to issues relating to headache. All that is required is to dab a drop or two of thyme on each of your temples and on your forehead as well. Next, gently rub it into the skin of your cheeks and forehead. Now relax by sitting down quietly to let this home remedy sink home. If you exercise the patience, you will sure get desired relief.

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