15 Easy Hand Care Tips For Children

After the face, the next part of the body that people naturally have their focus on is the hands. The hand is very useful in our day to day activities. It is therefore of great importance that every person should pay particular attention to the care of the hands.

Children being what they are, they must be carefully guided on the rules towards maintaining clean hands which will act as a gateway to healthy living. These habits have to be inculcated in them so that they will grow with it and for it to become part and parcel of them. The tips below are sure ways to ensure that every child maintains a proper care of their hands.

Ensure they wash their hands

This perhaps is the number one formula that an average parent will think of when considerations are given to care of the hand of the children. To achieve great results while ensuring that the kids wash their hands; then they must use lukewarm water all year round to avoid damage to the skin.

Hand care gloves

Before you expose the hands of your child to that water; before your child comes into contact with that chemicals; before you step into that garden- You must put a protective measure in place.  Make sure your child is putting on a hand care glove. It is a preventive measure.

Moisturize their hands

It is a hygienic practice to encourage your kids to wash their hands after every activity. Washing of hands dries out the skin quickly than you can ever imagine; this takes mostly during winter. The way out is to moisturize the hands of your child not less than three times in a day.


Part of the care that you can give to your kid in terms of ensuring that their hands are healthy is the application of lotion to their hands. In doing this, you can step it up by massaging their hands. Work each of the ten fingers from base to tip. It helps to keep the fingers of your child in top shape.


The exposure of your child’s hand to the sun can cause harm to your child’s hand. It can lead to some health challenges ranging from liver spots; wrinkles and brown spots on your child’s hands. You do not want this to happen to your child? Do you? The way out is the use of sunscreen.

Exfoliate their hands

Gently and expertly rub the back of the damp hands of your child with either of salt or sugar. Thereafter, rinse off from their hands. This will help in scraping away old cells from the hands of your child; allowing new cells to emerge. It has also been proven that this method will aid blood circulation in the veins.

Essential Vitamins

Foods that are rich in Vitamin B as well as those that are rich in calcium are essential for healthy nails in your child. Make sure these are part of their menu on a daily basis. If problems are noticed; try adding their supplements; if desired results are not achieved, then consult your physician.

Natural Beauty Tips

You must not stop at any length to ensure that your child gets the very best. One other way to ensure that the hands of your child are in top shape is to apply natural beauty tips. You can draw from a list any of these tips that catch your fancy. They all produce desired results.

Pamper Your Hands

The hand is an essential part of the body that ought to be pampered. You can as well pamper the hands of your child by giving their fingers the benefits of a manicure at least once in a month. Your child will love it. This is thorough nourishment that the tender hands of your child desperately needs.

File their nail

This is a way to add beauty to the hands. Remember that it was earlier stated that the focus of any one that wants to access you is your face, and then the finger comes next. You can take care of your child’s finger by filling it. In doing this however, the filling should not be in a seesaw action.

Trim their nails

Coming very closely on the heels of filling your ward’s fingers is trimming of their nails. Though some good measures had been taken, this method is also necessary to make assurance doubly sure. When you trim their nails, it makes it difficult for germs to hide under such nails – l hope you realize the havoc they can cause to your child’s health.

Paint their nails

Yes paint their nails. You are teaching your child the rudiments of fashion at that early age in life; who knows, they may end up being a fashion icon in latter life. However, care should be taken in the choice of paint; it is recommended that you use a base coat so that the nails of your child are not stained; it also lasts longer.

Protect their cuticles

Use can make use of a good quality cuticle cream or oil in this wise so as to prevent the cuticles of their fingers from dying or from roughing out. This will help to soften the hands of your ward. You can make the alternative at home. A few drops of glycerin to your hands work wonders.

Lemon Juice and Honey

Mix them in equal amounts. Maybe you have observed that your ward is having a dry skin; there should be no cause for alarm here. Just massage this mixture into such child’s hand. Allow to stay for some few minutes, then rinse off. Results will show.

Soak four Almonds overnight

When it is morning, peel off the back of the almonds and grind it into a paste. Massage this into the hands of your ward. Allow it to stay for some minutes for desired effects. The skin on the hand of your child gets smoother with this kind of method.


You will definitely be proud of your child’s hand if the measures shared here are put into place. Your child’s hands will be the envy of all.

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