15 Celebrity Diet Tips That Are Healthy and Balanced

What you are about to learn by carefully going through this article is the sum total of what some of the experts have to say. They are tried and tested methods that will definitely work for you. There are a lot of diseases around today that are caused majorly by our method of food intake. It is strongly believed that if you put into practice the Tips advised in this article, you are on your way towards enriching your body with that desired health and balanced diet.

Here is 15 of the many healthy & balanced celebrity diet tips, straight from the experts:

1. Be Organised

There are no two ways to it; you have to carefully plan your meal ahead for you to get the desired results. It is strongly recommended that you have a one week plan of action. That way, it will make it easy for you to eat well; it is one of the most important things you must get right from the onset. Warning, you have to stick to this plan religiously.

2. Drink 3 liters of Water with Lemon Daily –

The place of water to your total well being has been medically proved; therefore water should be an important component of your daily intake. To get even better, try spicing your water with lemon before drinking; it will add value to your wellbeing.

3. Get To Know The Food You Eat –

This is also very important. Before you start consuming that food, do some little research, what are the values to be derived if l eat this food? What are the short and long time side effects? These are answers you should be armed with and it should form your decision of either including that meal in your menu or doing otherwise.

4. Cook Your Meal –

It is easy to order take away, it all depends on your financial capability. You will never derive that satisfaction when you order your food compared to the one you cooked yourself. One advantage here is the fact that you were careful in selecting the ingredients which will serve your health better that the food you have no inputs in its preparations.

5. Your Stomach –

One very good way to maintain a healthy eating habit is to listen to your hunger. It is observed that a large number of people are guilty of overindulgence; they eat more than the body’s requirement. Experts say you should eat slowly; and pay attention to when you begin to feel full. Stop at that particular instant.

6. Don’t Buy Diet Food –

The emphasis when you want to buy your food (if you have to buy processed food) should be on the nutritional values and health benefits that it posses; you must never be swayed by the supposed values in the advertisement.

7. Salad –

This is highly recommended to be included in your menu 365 days a year. For every blessed day, make sure you eat a salad. You can replace your lunch time meal with a large salad accompanied with heavy greens.

8. Stop That Mindless Eating –

Many of us are guilty in this regard. We eat indiscriminately in between meals. When you sit down on the couch watching TV and you keep your mouth busy, you are not helping your wellbeing.  The advice here is that you should target mindful eating- eating only what your body requires.

9. Eat Lean Protein And Low Gl Carbohydrates –

It has been scientifically proved that some food intake will keep you full for a longer period of time thereby making it less likely for you to reach for junk food an hour or thereabout after eating. Eating lean protein and low Gl carbohydrates will do just that for you.

10. Flavor Your Dish With Herbs And Spices –

It is advised that you should shift your reliance on salt and artificial flavors to herbs and spices. This forms nutrient dense additions to the diet. They are all around you and very affordable; they include: freshly grated ginger, turmeric, garlic, coriander etc.

11. Fermented Foods –

For a balanced diet, then it is recommended that you eat fermented food on a daily basis. It helps the body by delivering beneficial bacteria to the body system that helps digestion and good bowel health; in addition, it helps to boost your immune function. I hope you realize the benefits derivable from this fermented food? There is wisdom in making them a part of our daily intake.

12. Healthy Fats –

Mark the word ‘healthy’. Not all fats are beneficial and good for your health. The fat we are referring to here is beneficial unsaturated fats. Saturated fats are not for you. Examples of fats that should be your target can be found in olive oil, nuts, seeds, oily fish and avocado. We are not referring to fats found in processed food.

13. Eat Regularly –

There are a lot of issues relating to obesity around us today. Some obese people belief that they can get back to normal size by starving their stomach of food; they are dead wrong. If you starve yourself, the risk of overeating is very high. Eat when you get the signal to do so. The advice is, let what you eat be healthy.

14. The Place Of Fresh Vegetable Juice –

If you are not in the habit of juicing, it is time you give it serious considerations as part of your menu. When l say juicing, am referring to pure fresh vegetable juice. They are good for you and have the capacity to give you so much energy; and the taste is something you would definitely love.

15. Find What Suites You –

Our dietary needs differ from each other. What works for one person may not be applicable to the other person. You must set realistic goals for yourself; changing dietary habits is challenging; you have to involve an accredited practicing dietician to work with you so as to get that dietary routine that best suites you.


As in every other thing, the best diet professional cannot do it for you; the best you can get from them is advice; that you have been privileged to have through this article; what is left is action: YOU HAVE TO TAKE ACTION!

Hearty cheers to your healthy eating habit.

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