10 Tips On How To Cope As A Single Parent

Being a single parent is a tough job; but if done right, it can be one of the most exhilarating experiences filled with great learnings and memories to cherish.

A look at what is going on around us today points to the fact that marriages are no longer lasting the distance. Look around your immediate environments and you will be alarmed at the rate Single parents are springing up with each passing day. There are diverse reasons responsible; that is not however our topic for today.

These Single parents have kids that they are solely responsible for. How do they cope? A careful study shows that most Single parents are not finding it easy coping with the care of their kids. That is our major concern here. Now, how do you cope as a Single Parent? Here are our expert tips straightaway:


The reality is that you are alone. Your budget should not be tied down to support from your -ex who may not be forthcoming in the long run. Plan your budget within your means. Plan for the future; think about retirement age and how you can cope. Get involved in long time investments that are viable. Enhance your earning power by every means legal because you just have to maintain that steady inflow of cash to take care of your child. Budget your money as prudently as you can because it is crucial to your survival as a single parent.


The demands of your work schedule are enough; not to talk of adding the responsibilities on the home front as a single parent. You need a support system to be put in place to help out in times of need. It may be members of your family or your neighbors. They are people you can share the burden with. If you are financially buoyant, then hiring an expert is never a bad idea. There are some single parent support clubs around you which you can join; they will be of help.


Get a particular routine for the day and make sure such is maintained. Your child will love such an idea and will gladly key into it. This will reduce your workload because your child will not wait to receive orders before taking a line of action provided the daily routine has been properly inculcated into the child. What routines are we talking about here? The list may include: schedule of meals, of domestic chores, time to go to bed, and any other family functions which must be at regular hours.


Your kid is your only companion at home. Though they do have their own emotions; they are however not your emotional partners and must not be treated as such. It is wrong for you to pour your emotions to them; they have no shoulder on which you can lean upon. They are what they are and should be treated as such-kids.


Your kids are aware of what is going on around the home. They are aware of the absence of your partner. Any questions that they put to you must be answered in all honesty. Answer your child in a manner appropriate for his/her age in an open manner. You are to play the role of a psychologist to your child to balance his/her emotions in a manner that will make your child stable.


Your child is highly intelligent and loyal to your instructions. Your role is to set the rules and guidelines to be followed and your child will queue in tow. Do not confuse your child by changing the rules too often. If your child is in the care of a caregiver, then pass the rules to them and let them understand that the rules must be enforced. Consistency is the key in this regard.

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