10 Reasons Why Sex Education Programme At Schools Is Essential

Time is changing. Once decades ago, the subject of sex is a taboo that no one wants to discuss in the open. In those good years gone by, there is a veil over the subject and only the matured in age discuss in secrete about the subject.

This is the new millennium and events have overtaken the issue of sex education. Morals have been taking a steady bashing over the years. Sex abuse is rampant now and it was not like that in the good old years. Something drastic should be done to arrest the decay. There can be no better option than to introduce sex education in schools so as to lay a foundation that will bring sanity into the sexual decadence that has eaten deep into the society.

The reasons are very glaring:

  1. Sex is designed for an exclusive purpose. It will do the society a lot of good if the truth is driven home right from this view point. It is not meant to be abused. The gains of abstaining from it as a student should be taught with the passion that should be able to sway the students in the direction of total abstinence. They needed to be taught the social and psychological gains of abstinence. That will help redress sexual perversion that is going on in schools across the world today.
  2. The incidence of teenage pregnancies is becoming worrisome. There is an increase in sexual abuse in schools. You will agree with the point of argument that it is necessary to teach this subject to the children so as to let them know their rights under the law as it relates to the issue of sex. It will sure reduce the case of unwanted pregnancies among the youths of today.
  3. Another dimension to this subject matter is the high rate of abortions among students. You and l know the risks involved to the life of such school children. Some of them have died in the process. Some that are lucky to be alive have abortion related damages to contend with for the rest of their lives. Such is the extent of the danger; therefore there is the need to teach this subject so to stem the tide in the rise of abortions among the students.
  4. The topic of sex is no longer secret. The students watch them on TV. They watch them through tapes and there are some sites devoted to the subject matter. It is a topic that is hot; any news related to the subject has mass appeal. What this school children watch on air in most cases is adult stuff that is not meant for their age bracket. So why not introduce them to it in school? It is a means towards keeping them properly informed. It will protect them from the junk they have easy access to in our world of today.
  5. The expected standard from school-age children all over the world is sexual abstinence. It is therefore very important to drum it early into the children. The gains are very evident. They will be free from the trouble of sexually transmitted diseases and all the problems associated with it. It is an avenue to teach them that sex is only allowed among adults who are legally married. This is an avenue to teach them about the social stigma associated with teenage pregnancies should they indulge in sex outside marriage.
  6. Teaching sex education in school is an avenue to drum it into the students that there are cases of out of wedlock pregnancies. It is a social stigma which they know about and none of the students will wish to be involved in the associated mess that it brings with it to their person as well as to the name of their families. To avoid such stigma from the larger society, then the only way out is sexual abstinence.
  7. It is an avenue to teach the children that when married, there should be faithfulness. There should be trust between married couples. Sexual activities should be restricted within the married couple. It is an avenue to lay the foundation of faithfulness and trust in the minds of the school children which will go further to prepare them in their approach to issues of life in general.
  8. The teaching of sex education in schools is a fertile ground to sow the seed of the negative implications of having children outside wedlock. It has social implications for the child that is born in such a circumstance. It will also affect the parents of such a child and in the long run, the society at large. Nobody wants such troubles in life, if this is handled properly well in school, then one can be rest assured that a solid foundation will be laid which will help the children in their approach to issues of sex.
  9. This is an opportunity to teach the children on the wisdom in rejecting sexual advances. They will be lured into it at one point in time along the line; but they have to be wise enough to refuse such advances. Teaching them some of the ways through which these advances come will go some length to get them prepared to win the battle when any attempt is made to lure them into sex.
  10. When sex education is taught in schools, it is an avenue to teach the dangers in alcoholism and drug abuse. The two can lead them to sex. They can make them lose control of their sense of reasoning which can lead them to do what they would not have done with their natural instincts intact. If handled professionally well, it will go some length to produce cultured youths that will pose no problems to the society at large.

It is evident from the submissions above that teaching sex education in schools is never a waste of time. It is a way to address the sexual perversion that is going on in the world today.

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