Our Take On 10 Dating Tips That Will Improve Your Relationship

The way things are going, relationships may go into extinct in the nearest future if steps are not taken to address the trend that is going on which is highly dangerous to the survival of this long institution that was initiated by God himself.

The rate of divorce is alarming. It is rising with each passing day. The increase in Single parenthood does not speak well of this age long institution of marriage. There are many reasons attributable to breakups in relationships-most of them are bizarre and funny; some of these reasons are those that ought not to constitute a problem.

Many dates fizzle out along the distance. Why? It is common to find couples struggling but helplessly failing to stop the crash of their relationships. There are many reasons that can be attributed for this. We shall consider 10 of such reasons alongside what to do to prevent breakaway. Let us look at them straightaway:


There are some areas of friction that keeps on repeating itself very often. You argue over such issues times without number; that is a cancer that may lead to eventual breakup if not quickly addressed. Sit together and frankly talk it over. If you or your partner is speaking, do not talk until after; you are to listen; same goes for your partner. Avoid being judgmental in your approach. Such issues can be resolved amicably.


You cannot score an A in every aspect of your relationships. There will definitely be the high and low sides; it is the case with every other dating relationships. However, some of the issues can be resolved amicably, fix them before they get out of hand. The global economic meltdown is affecting relationships; it is something that can easily be fixed by discussing amicably with your partner.


It has been observed by relationship experts that troubled relationship follows a demand and withdrawal circle. In most cases, the male partners tend to withdraw when there are areas of friction. If you notice that in your relationship; then you have to follow the path of wisdom and suspend the topic for a more conducive time when both of you are in the right frame of mind to address the issues properly well.


This occurs in every relationship. The healthy ones are not left out. Anger will not yield anything fruitful or worthwhile good for the health of your relationship. Think over the last time you had an argument with your spouse. What was the tone? Yes, remember the tone and think of possible ways to make amends with a determination to nip such in the bud.


Your relationship is a project that must succeed. For any venture to succeed in times that we are in; there should be goal setting. In relationships, there should be a common goal between you and your partner. What do you intend to achieve together during the course of the year? Both hands must be on the deck to actualize the goal. Make periodic checks and assessments to ensure that you are on the right track.


There should be no monopoly of power if your relationship is to last the marathon distance. As the boss in your workplace, the bulk always stops at your table. The same do not apply in relationships. None of you is licensed to lord anything over each other if you want to remain in such a relationship. It should be a give and take kind of situation. Relationship is different from a boss servant setting.


Relationship is give and take. It is not in your best interest if you spend your useful energy thinking about what your partner has done in the past to upset you. It has been the cause of many breakups in some relationships. Why not focus on the high points rather than on the weak points? Celebrate your milestones together and leave the grey areas to the backstage. Ask yourself: Can l pass the same judgment that am passing on my partner on myself? Take a cue from your honest answer.


No one loves rejection. There are some little things that matter in a relationship. If your partner calls your attention to something of interest, then you should pay attention, even if it is a half-hearted attention. What interests your partner may not interest you; but you cannot live your lives independent of each other; you are designed to live peacefully together. There should be some measure of accommodation for your relationship to last.


This is a powerful tool that must be exploited on a daily basis for the overall health of your relationship. You remember how you started during the early days of courtship. That attitude of appreciation should not be allowed to die now that you are permanently together; let it grow everyday of your lives together. Find a reason always to appreciate your partner. However, make sure that you are genuine; look inwards and you will find a reason to appreciate your partner genuinely.


There must be a very strong bond in your relationship. It is a lifelong friendship that must be renewed every day. Spend ample time together. Do things of common interests together. Develop an interest in what your partner loves doing for the health of your relationship-your interests are now mutual interests. Get to know what makes your partner happy and genuinely express such; when your partner is happy in a relationship; problems are kept at bay; the required fertile ground for relationship growth is thereby activated.

In concluding this advice and tips, l want to state categorically that relationship is a matter of give and take. As you lay your bed, so you will lie on it. If you desire a lasting relationship, you will sure get it. The tips considered here are a good eye opener.

Cheers to a Lasting Relationship!

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