10 Amazing Home Remedies for Skin Tag Removal

Skin tag is no issue if you take to any of our exclusives presented clearly below. You will find them nowhere; they are the best around.

Here is the list of all top 10 remedies to get rid of skin tag

1. Banana Peel

HealthPrash’s findings reveal the fact that banana peel contains enzymes that helps in dissolving tags naturally. It has very strong antioxidant properties. The combination of the factors will sure help in resolving issues bothering on skin tag. It fits in naturally and will leave no issues behind.

What to do

Cut a small piece of banana and place the inside part of the peel over the tag. Wrap a bandage over the peel and leave it on overnight. Remove it the next morning and wash the area with water. Repeat every other night until the skin tag drops off.

2. Onion Juice

When skin tag is subjected to an acidic condition, research findings show that such conditions will be eased off the skin. Tags cannot grow under acidic conditions. Onion juice is one remedy that fits the billing in this scenario; its acidic nature will take care of skin tag issues.

What to do

Cut an onion into small bits and add a teaspoon of salt allowing it to sit overnight in a closed container. Extract the juice in the morning. At night, apply this juice on the tag and cover with a bandage. Wash it off the skin in the morning. Repeat at least for a week, enough time for the tag to come off.

3. Garlic

garlic for skin tag removeFresh garlic can help in treating a number of skin diseases. When skin tags become shrink; they easily fall off. Garlic contains a certain enzyme that will make the skin tag shrink-the reason why we gave it a consideration.

What to do

Crush a few garlic cloves to make a paste. Now apply this paste on the skin tag and cover it with a bandage overnight. Remove the bandage and rinse the paste off the affected area in the morning. Repeat until the tag is off.

4. Castor Oil

This is another effective home remedy that you can rely on to get desired relief from issues of skin tag. This oil is a smooth operator because it will not leave any scar behind after the tag has come off the skin. This oil has the ability to dissolve and eliminate all worrisome skin growths.

What to do

Mix 2 parts castor oil with one part baking soda to form a paste. Apply the paste at night to the skin tag and cover it with plaster. Rinse it off with water in the morning. Repeat until the tag is gone.

5. Tea Tree Oil

The acidic content of this remedy made us have a look in its direction as one of the greats that you can rely on to overcome issues on skin tag.  However, those with sensitive skins are better advised to dilute castor oil with an equal amount of water before applying it to the skin tag.

What to do

Dip a clean cotton ball in water and squeeze out the excess water. Apply 3-4 drops of the oil on the wet cotton ball and rub it on the tag in circular motion. Leave it for a few hours on the skin before you finally rinse it off your skin.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar as skin tag treatmentThis is one great home remedy that utilizes its acidic content to take care of issues bothering on skin tag. This perhaps is the greatest of the best home remedies due to its capacity to break down excess cells in the tag and eventually removing such cells.

What to do

Simply dip a cotton swab into A C V and apply it directly on the skin tag. You will experience a stinging sensation which you have to endure. Leave it on for about 3 hrs for desired maximum effects and then rinse off in lukewarm water.

7. Vitamin E Oil

The skin regeneration potential of this remedy is the reason we considered it on this A list of remedies for skin tag. It is also well known for its possession of antioxidant properties. The perfect combination of its properties makes it a remedy that will deliver on promise.

What to do

You will be required to break down a vitamin E capsule to extract the pure oil. Apply a thin layer of the oil on the tag and cover with a bandage. Loose the bandage the next morning and re-apply the oil. Repeat the application process morning and night for 10 days to achieve best results

8. Aloe Vera

aloe vera as skin tag removal remedyWhat more can we say about this great gift to nature? It has found usefulness in diverse ailments afflicting man over the years. It has a combination of amazing properties which is ideal for treating problems posed by skin tag.

What to do

Cut a fresh stem of aloe Vera and apply the gel to the skin tag. Rub it gently on the tag until it is absorbed into the skin. Repeat for three weeks, 3 times each day.

9. Oregano Oil

The antiseptic properties possessed by this oil are strong enough to dry out skin tags. It is a very good cleansing and numbing agent.

What to do

Mix 2 drops of oregano oil and 4 drops of coconut oil. Apply this mixture on the skin tag and allow it to air dry and then wash it off with warm water. Repeat 3 times daily until the issues of the skin tag is overcome.

10. Fenugreek Seeds

fenugreek seedsOur take on this remedy is the fact that it contains highly powerful antioxidants which helps remove skin tags. It does this by helping to shrink skin tags until they disappear completely.

What to do

You will be required to soak 2-3 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in a glass of warm water overnight. At dawn strain the seeds and collect the water in another container. Drink this water early in the money before breakfast. You can apply the water directly on the skin tag and chew the soaked fenugreek seeds.

There is no problem without a remedy. The best remedies around for skin tag has been presented above. It is exclusive to us.

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  • August 9, 2017 at 11:46 am

    These remedies are safe and effective for treating various skin problems. Getting rid of skin problems has become easy with home remedies and we can access them easily. These remedies work wonderfully for skin tags. Thanks for sharing.


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