10 Adolescent Parenting Goals That Every Family Should Follow

It is the responsibility of the parent to mould the character of child. A child cannot give what has not been deposited in him/her. The more you work out this in your child, the better for the wellbeing of your child. Do you agree that it is necessary to set goals for the welfare of your child? That is where many parents miss it. They are more preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of life and they end up neglecting the care of their child.

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You must set goals for the overall interest of your child; such goals must be realistic. If you stick to two or more of them, you will be on your way to giving the world a child that will make impact to the world in his/her generation. Here are 10 of such goals that if practiced from today, will sure make you proud of your child in later years of adulthood. Here we go:


This is one of the ways you can create a bond within the whole family. Let everybody be present at dinner or whatever meal in the day. It is a means whereby issues of insecurity are reduced among the children. It will build confidence in your child. Your child will leave every meal table with a psychological boost that will make him face the challenges of the day with a winning mentality.


Take a pick on an organization that means a lot to you and serve them on a regular basis. Get your kids be fully involved. This situation presents a ground whereby you and your child will derive pleasure. This is one of the great ways for your child to build a work resume in teenage years. This is a way to inculcate service to people; thereby building the foundations for a more responsible adulthood in your child.


Most parents are too busy today with their work schedule. They are pre-occupied with other essentials of life with zero time for their child. It is not enough to leave the care of your child to others. You must get involved in their upbringing. Your child wants to feel you in person. Our recommendation is that you spend at least 20 minutes every day with your child- it will help cement the bond between you and your child better.


You must be keenly interested in what your child eats during launch time in school. Most of the snacks that your child eats in school will not help in the overall interest of your child from experiences gathered over time. Your child will always go for the sweet snacks which is not proper for their health. So what is the way out? Set it out as a goal that you will pack healthy sack launches at least twice every week for your child before leaving home for school.


You must be interested in this as well if you want to get the best out of your child in later life. You must have a full control over the time your child goes to bed. Make sure they go to bed 15 minutes ahead of your own bed time. The more rest your child gets, the better the IQ of such a child and the better the grades in school.


This is an area where many parents have failed woefully. If you allow your child more than 30 minutes a day for media, you are not helping such a child. It has been discovered that spending more time on the media is the root cause of many illnesses in children. So all you have to do is to put your foot on the ground and limit their media time to just 30 minutes a day.


Anywhere in the world, leaders are leaders. The position you attain in inculcating values into your child will reflect in your child in later years in life. Every parent wants his/her child to be the best in life. One of the goals you must set is to get good materials on parenting and take time out of your schedules to read them. Go further to implement some if not all of what you have read in such books. You cannot know all; you need this expert tips through such valuable books.


Kids being what they are will always go beyond their limits. If that happens, take some few minutes to reflect before wielding the rod of discipline. If you are angry at that moment, then take a walk outside for your temper to calm down. Anger can be likened to a mild form of madness; it is not advisable to discipline your child in such a state of mind- you will end up being the loser.


Create an atmosphere of surprise occasionally for your child. They love it and they are excited about such. It can be a surprise visit to them while they are in school. You can deliberately target their lunch hour. Pop in unannounced. You can take it further by going with him/her to have lunch with them together at the school cafeteria. Your child will be pleased to have you at such meals. Make it a habit to do this at least 3 times in an academic year. You will sure score a great goal doing this.


Every religious belief observes prayers according to the dictates of such religion. If you are a religious parent, then you can as well use this medium to bring out the very best out of your child. Many parents pray alone, if you are such, then you are advised to reconsider that method and involve your child in prayers. Pray together; it will create a strong bond between you and your child; you are more likely to stay together.

If you desire to be a great parent, then all the tips above is worth giving a very strong consideration. Take a step today and begin practicing at least two of them.

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